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Sig Arms P229 Reviews

Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby dsclaiborne31 » Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:58 pm

What is the trigger pull like on these bad boys?
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Postby cdbruster » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:24 pm

ds... I believe the DA trigger pull is 10 lbs and the SA is 4 lbs. The DA pull is very smooth and not overly lengthy. The reset into SA is nice and short and has a crisp trigger break. I really like the stock trigger on the 229. IMHO one of the best DA / SA triggers out there.
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Postby dsclaiborne31 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:08 pm

After shooting my xd 40 with the 4.5 pound combat trigger job and internal overtravel adjustment I am spoiled on a non sloppy lightweight trigger.
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Postby wharbin » Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:14 pm

looking at buying first handgun. i want a gun with a manual safety. wondering if the p229 had one??? looking at sr9 and few others. any advice? thx
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Postby cbruster » Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:08 pm

wharbin... the p229 does not have a safety.
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Postby SW-Insured » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:48 pm

wharbin: The SIG 229 does not require a manual safety. Instead, it has an automatic (always-engaged) firing pin lock that does not unlock until the trigger is pulled fully rearward, either in SA or DA. This allows one to safely carry the 229 with a round chambered providing instant readiness -- since the 229 eliminates the need for a manual safety. The SIG 229 de-cocking lever lowers the cocked hammer safely into the safety intercept notch without having to touch the trigger.

With the hammer down and the firing pin locked, the double action feature and the absence of a manual safety make it easier to get off a quick first shot. Or, you have the option to cock the hammer and fire single action until the magazine is emptied.

Together, the features described above make the 229 safer to carry with a chambered round than a revolver -- when most gun owners trust a revolver in that carry condition.
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Postby warren_borg » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:14 pm

Hey, I am in need of some help from fellow pistol owners. I own two pistols, first is a Sig Sauer Mosquito Sport 22lr and a Smith & Wesson 22A-1. Now both are only rim fires, and I am not sure, with no center fire experience, if they'll be anything like their center fire brothers. I am torn between a SIG P229 & P226 and the Ruger SR9c. I live in Canada so I cannot have a conceal or carry pistol. My buying a center fire would be more for home protection an maybe a little target practice.

I am looking for any and all input good and bad. Because I own one Sig I am partial to want to own another however, I have heard good things about the Ruger. Please help.
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Postby cachamelion » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:27 pm

If the money is not an issue I would definitely go with the 229. It will function in an absolutely flawless manner. It will eat everything you load it with. The accuracy is second to none. In the US we arm our most elite military and police forces with Sig Sauer (SEALs, Secret Service, etc.). You will not be disappointed with the purchase of this very fine firearm.
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Postby 9mmman » Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:52 am

I bought a P229 after much research and I definitely made the right decision. This gun is flawless. You feed it anything, point it and it goes bang. The most accurate gun I have ever shot.

It has the SRT trigger, which is a little too light for my taste so that, plus the weight rule it out for carry IMO but besides that, this is a superb weapon and I would bet my life on it.

I love this frikkin' gun.
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Postby dabskie » Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:29 pm

Trading in my Kahr K40 for a sig,,,,decided on the P229 in 40 S&W,,,Has anyone got their hands on the new P229 Enhanced Elite,,,that is the one I have my eye on.,,it has the new grips,,SRT trigger and nite sights already on. Thought maybe I could get a few reviews first.
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