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Postby girphoto » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:47 pm

Second and third days at the range were very educational. On the second day I put an additional 130 rd's of 124 gr +P down range. I had no problems with the gun or the three mag's that came with it. Where I did have a problem was with the underside of the trigger guard on the left side. I found that the little bump towards the rear of the guard was cutting into my finger (I like a high grip). I quick search of the Internet proved that a little time and snadpaper or Dremil tool would do the job.

Day three, back at the range with the Dremil and a box of 115 gr. And we were off to making a custom trigger guard. I removed a little at a time and tested with 5 rd each time. The guard is now ok, but I found that the G19G4 did not like the 115 gr. I will continue next week with 124 gr until I have at least 600 rd. Through the gun.

I already have a 3.5 trigger spring and will have a complete trigger job done by a friend of mine who is a certified Glock Armor. I am also looking into a set of Dawson Sights..

After all of the Work is completed, I will post photos.

Since I carry 24/7 and usually a 1911 , having the extra rounds in one place is a nice added addition. This gun is quickly moving into the number 1 carry slot in my rotation.

More to follow
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Postby girphoto » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:54 pm

To vodacat

I just ordered some range mag's from CDNN sports Inc.

I think their site is www.targetsportsinc.com

They have new G19 15 rd mag's for $5.99/each and 33rd new for $9.95/each.

If they work out they will be good for range work.

Hope this helps

Happy holidays
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Postby edteach2u » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:27 am

I bought this gun several years ago. Accuracy is ok not great but good. Reliability is good, grips not the best. Like holding s 2x4. The looks are good. I just purchased a S&W Sigma and the feel is great in the hand compared to the Glock. Trigger is stiff compared to the Glock but for what it is intended for its fine. If you love the Glock name and want to have a gun people ooo and uaaaa over get the Glock. If you are on a limited budget or need a gun to throw in the glove box or tool box then get the smith. Its reliable, accurate and for what I paid for my 19 I could have had two smiths. I have both guns and like them both, but the smith with a great price point at 250 for SS three mags new, I keep around me more than the safe queen Glock.

PS. Just got a glock factory 33rd mag from Cdnn for 34 plus a ki 15rd mag for 5.99 and free shooting glasses and ear plugs and 5.99 shipping. Great buy on these. I don't see them banning mags but I figured that I should grab just in case.
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Postby BradLe » Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:02 am

I've had my 3rd Gen G19 for about 2 months now. I give it a 4 and 3/4th bullet rating. The only issue I have is with the magazine release. I have to adjust my grip in order to apply enough pressure which, I've heard is a common problem with the Gen 3 Glocks. The Gen 4 fixes that problem but, I not a fan of the new textured grip. If you shoot alot it seems like the grip can rub your hands raw.

Back to the review: I find the G19 to be extremely accurate and even at 25 yards. I've shot about 500 rounds so far and went through 7 different ammo's and I've found Fiocchi Pistol Shooting Dynamics 124gr FMJTC (Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone) 9APC to be the most accurate, consistent, with less recoil than the 115gr. $12.45 per 50 and about $225 for 1000 rounds.

No jams or misfeeds so far. The G19 has moderate recoil as compare to other 9mm's. More than the Sig P226 and the HK P30 but, has less recoil than the Ruger LC9 or the Kahr P9. Great for conceal and carry, light and a solid feel. 15 round magazine.

If I missed anything let me know.
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Postby the.dunbar1988 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:43 am

Been looking for a good nine to buy i have a friend who is selling his g19 5 mags hip holster 300 rounds of target ammo and 100 hydra-shocks, its a 3rd gen with 207 rounds threw it. he is wanting 500 for it all is that a good deal? i dont know much about glock own a few springfields and a berreta but never a glock and this will be my first 9mm
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Postby Will_Carry » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:24 am

That is a great deal. That's somewhere around $200 worth of extras.
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Postby Bigyella68 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:33 am

@BradLe... I have the G19 Gen 3 RTF and, I haven't had any problems with the new textured grips. They're actually really comfortable for me. I also own the Gen 4 G22 and you're right, they did correct the mag release issue in the Gen 4's. I really enjoy shooting the Glock pistols... I own 4.

@edteach2u... As, I said above I own 4 Glocks and have never had any issues with the accuracy. I am able to get groups the size of a half dollar up to 15 yards and a 3 inch group up to 25 yards. I challenge any moderate shooter to better that with any handgun... I have shot most brands except H&K. I think accuracy also depends alot on the shooters tendencies... All guns are fairly accurate.
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Postby perry916 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:22 am

The G19 / M19 (same pistol), is one of the best pistols out there. I have tested many pistols but still go back to the Glock. Their customer service, and tech supports is excellant.

I recenly, puirchased a Ruger SR9, in which I had ALL failure to feed issues. As a matter of fact, I never fired the pistol. Changing ammo brand, lots, magazine, etc.. and still no fire.

TG the gun shop had similar issues and allow me to get a full refund.....

Concl: Glock is the weapon for me.
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Postby Will_Carry » Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:51 pm

I purchased a Glock 19 generation 4 a while back. I think it's a great pistol. 1) It's accurate 2) dependable 3) light and easy to carry 4) Easy to clean. I can understand why this pistol is rated as one of the best. The only things I don't like about it is the texture of the grip. It's not particularly comfortable, but it is easy to grab and hold on to. Even with the dimples on the grip this is one sweet shooting 9mm. I have shot around 400 rounds through it without any problems.
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Postby edteach2u » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:17 am

Glock 19 review by Whitehood. Can't miss this its priceless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H33LXn7H ... C619B6C2C8
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