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Postby Stan89031 » Fri Oct 06, 2006 8:23 pm

Had two Walthers in 380, one Interarms and one S&W. Both were great except when I lost the extracter spring. To be honest, I did not know it fell out of the gun when I field stripped it the first time for cleaning. The instructions provided with the gun do not mention it, nor did include an illustrated parts breakdown. According to S&W, if you fire the gun without the spring, it will still work, but the extractor will be damaged and cause feed problems. Many people who complain about feed problems, dont even know they may be missing the spring. A cop friend of mine just picked up a Walther real cheap because of the sellers complaints about misfeeds. Being a smart guy he bought the gun and sure as #^@* the extractor spring was missing. Morale of the story is before you complain of the gun failing to feed properly, check to see if the extrator spring is intact. If not, you have an extrator problem not a feed problem. Once I was clued in to the problem, I never lost a spring again and no more feed problems.
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Postby ks1101 » Fri Oct 13, 2006 10:23 am

How do you remove the barrel? I got a compensated barrel from Sportsmans Guide for 60 bucks but I cant get the stock barrel out. I had jamming problems with my PPK/S when I got it, but it was the ammo. I got some blazer ammo which is a bit hotter than the cheap Magtech the range sells and it never jams. The range wont let me shoot the Blazer because the cases are not brass, but at the outdoor range I have put lots of blazer rounds through it with no problem. I did have one problem where the hammer froze and I had to send it back to S+W. Once I got it back it was fine - the feed ramp was polished and some other fine tuning was done. It is a great carry gun. My only complaint is the recoil and the bloody hand I get from the bite after going through a few boxes of ammo. That is why I got the compensated barrel. I didnt want to pay a gunsmith to swap the barrels, but I think I might have to. Any suggestions for swapping barrels?
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Postby blackcampbell » Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:18 pm

Id get a gunsmith to do it or send it back to Walther. Thats just me; I like to stay in warranty terms.
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Postby boomselectah » Sat Oct 14, 2006 12:08 am

i recently purchased another Walther PPK 7.65mm, i say another, because i used to own one before when it was under license from interarms. the one i own now is a S&W job. i was very surprised to find that a PPK was still made in 7.65mm(.32acp). NEway, first thing i noticed was straight out of the crappy Smith&Wesson box that it comes with now, the gun was absolutely FILTHY! i was very surprised and disturbed to have a gun sold to me brand new in such condition. no matter, i like playing with and cleaning my guns. the next thing i notice is the etching from Smith & Wesson is rough and snags fibers unlike the standard markings denoting the walther name and other info. also, the magazine cavity had some rough edges inside that were scratching up my beautiful magazines. i managed to take care of this problem with a metal file. i purchased a nice shiny blued steel mec-gar ppks magazine that holds 8 rounds and i recently test fired it at the range with all three of my magazines. every so often i had a failure to feed and this was disturbing because i never had this problem with my previous walther, although i didnt own it very long. but considering that these failures occured within the first 20 rnds and i only fired 20 rnds through the previous one without incident. i think the interarms walthers were of much better quality. i just wish i knew where my gun was. i remedied the problem with the feeding by assuring that each round was inserted fully into the magazine and then that the magazine was inserted fully into the gun. something else i noticed on this particular gun is that if the slide is to the rear when you insert the magazine it is possible to over-insert the magazine, beyond the point that it should go. all this saddens me about the gun, as i love it so much, it IS the quintessential JAMES BOND gun. all in all, its not a bad little piece, but id just as soon carry my Walther P22 if i needed a small carry gun. i have further hollowed out some remington gold point high velocity rounds and can fire off 13 rounds of .22 ammo accurately and in next to no time. the Walther PPK 7.65mm(.32acp) is well made and attractive, at least to my eye. i think they only make the .32 in stainless, i still plan on purchasing a PPK in .380, i already have a 10-rd .380 magazine.
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Postby blackcampbell » Fri Oct 20, 2006 2:40 pm

Well, once again Ive had the gun out to the range...and once again, its jamming like crazy. So shes off to the advert section of the paper. Ill stick with the FN 5.7 or the little Kel-Tec .32 if I need something small.
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Postby randy_ac » Sun Oct 29, 2006 9:57 pm

Purchased the PPK/S a week ago and have been to the range once. Shot about 60 rounds with two slight jams... slide didnt go all the way forward on the feed. Still was very impressed. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO MAKES A LASER SIGHT FOR THIS MODEL? Thanks!
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Postby randy_ac » Sun Oct 29, 2006 9:58 pm

Purchased the PPK/S a week ago and have been to the range once. Shot about 60 rounds with two slight jams... slide didnt go all the way forward on the feed. Still was very impressed. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO MAKES A LASER SIGHT FOR THIS MODEL? Thanks!
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Postby Artie_runs » Sat Nov 11, 2006 9:35 pm

My wife and I shot this at the range as a rental today and although it was cool to shoot the James Bond gun, I wasnt all that impressed. After a clip to sight-in it was pretty accurate out to 25 yards, but after about 3 clips you really notice the hard, sharp edges where the receiver meets the web of the shooting hand. It jammed once on my wife, probably because she wasnt familiar with the action. I didnt have any problems, even on a rapid-fire clip. It would be a good CC piece, but Id like to take a crack at the Sig-230/232 instead. The grip looks like it would be more comfortable. Bottom line is that you fight how you train, and if you cant shoot it all day at the range then you shouldnt rely on it to save your life. Id rather have a CC weapon that feels good than one that looks good. Sorry, 007.
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Postby sirgilligan » Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:58 pm

Purchased PPK/S stainless new. This is a S&W version type 1. I have shot approximately 200 rounds. No jams. I have shot various FMJ rounds and JHP. I sighted the gun in at 8 yards free standing. I had to move the rear sight for my eye and the gun is very accurate. I do not have a real steady hand to begin with and I was able too shot all seven rounds withing two inches horizontally and 1/2 inch vertically. The gun is very tight to begin with and was nearly impossible to field strip at the beginning. I oiled it up and put on some leather gloves and worked the slide while I watched TV. Then I took it to shoot it. I had too much oil on the gun and when I started shooting the oil heated up and started running out of it. This caused it to collect a lot of firing residue. I took it home and field stripped it and cleaned it. While it was apart there is a small lever on the left of the chamber that I bumped and knocked off. It has a spring that is V shaped. I borrowed my friends Interarms version to see how to put it back. I have read that the gun will fire without the spring but it jams because of this. If you are having trouble with your gun jamming check to make sure the spring is there. I wonder if that isnt the reason for some of the bad reviews. I like the gun and recommend it. The finish is great. The size is just right. It kicks a bit, but if you hold it firmly at the lower part of the handle the kick doesnt make your hand sore.
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Postby joerapoza » Thu Nov 23, 2006 3:25 pm

Does anyone have problems with their PPK jamming?

Mine james every 2 or 3 magazine loads. T^he firearm is 5 years old but only has been fired recently. About 200 rounds.

Would appreciate any info.

Joe Rapoza
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