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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:31 pm
by savedbymonkeys
Ok, crow was on the menu at my house tonight. On Saturday I was hot at the range. Today was a bit of another story. I had multiple rounds of 7,8 and 9 in the 5 inch circle. The other rounds were close but still outside the circle. So I'm not Doc Holiday at this point - but my .380 is still pretty cool and I'm getting better.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:23 pm
by tigwelder56
If you keep feeding those monkeys, they're bound to start treating you right once again!! LOL! You must've slipped them a rotten banana at some point. There's nothing like slipping them a bad banana to really piss them off. Especially if you've got any lady apes on the payroll...

Just curious, did you make any changes to your routine? Different ammunition, stance, glasses, etc.?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:59 pm
by savedbymonkeys
tigwelder56 -

Yesterday there was nobody else at the range. It's an outdoor place and I had it all to myself. Today there were several people there and two were just goofing off. That's it - I was distracted. :) Seriously, It was a different atmosphere. On Saturday I was all alone. After each clip I could walk up to my targets and get feedback. I shoot at a target that has five small targets on it. One target per clip.

Don't get me wrong here, and thanks for asking, but my worst round was all 13 shots in a 10 inch circle. I'm not looking at shooting competitions at this point. Home defense and being the only one talking to the police is my goal. A few more range trips and some improvement and I'll want to get into some competition - just for grins. :)

As a side note - I noticed that you seem to be the moderator working the forums. Thanks for your time and input. It's a thankless job and the pay isn't great I'm sure but what you do is important and as a new guy here it's appreciated.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:32 pm
by tigwelder56
Thanks for the kind words. While the pay doesn't exist, I gain a lot of satisfaction from helping new and old shooters alike. There's a need for a place like this. I enjoy answering what questions I can and those questions I can't are usually picked up by others. We've got some very sharp people here and that's what makes this place tick. We had a large crew of Moderators at one time and we've lost most of them unfortunately. That happened because the website owner abandoned his responsibilities. I don't know who is keeping the lights on here but as long as the bills keep getting paid, I'm going to try my best to keep it moderated. The only other active moderator is Belt Buckle. He's pretty knowledgeable and can be reached most days.

I know what you mean about distractions at the range. It doesn't take much to interfere with one's thought process. Some of these people with the small hand cannons, shooting in the next stall can cause a secondary flinch response. They shoot, and you flinch from the concussive effect. At the cost involved, these ranges need to keep that thought in mind and segregate the heavy artillery to another end of the range. I'm sure you'll get back into your groove in no time!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:19 am
by coolwill07
the other day I came across a colt .45 defender ( it will cost around $1000.00). I asked the dealer for me to hold and look at it. My God, it felt damn good, but... I can't get my mind off this (cz83 blue - satin nickel is what i want but not legal in CA). I am thinking ccw. I cannot decide. The Colt 1911 .45 Defender or the CZ 83 .380?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:12 am
by tigwelder56
My initial response would be a resounding YES for the Colt .45. But then I have to back up a step or two and tell you that you're comparing apples to oranges. The two pistols are only similar in action. The difference in one shot stopping power is very different. The .45acp offers over a 90% one shot stop capability and the .380acp, depending on the load is in the 50+/- percentile. A huge difference! The rule of thumb is to carry as big a caliber as comfortably as is possible. But then you have to consider the saying that "Shot placement trumps caliber everytime". It's very important to select a firearm that you will always carry. I can't begin to tell you how many people walk out the door unarmed because their selection of a concealed carry weapon turned out to be too big, too difficult to conceal, etc. A beautiful high power handgun that sits in your drawer or safe at home instead of carried the way you intended, makes for a pretty lousy means of self defense! That's why you're seeing the market flooded with smaller sized guns. The manufacturers are seeking their piece of the concealed carry market. Most inexperienced shooters that decide to get the training and ultimately apply for a concealed carry permit will probably buy one of those small, high capacity semi autos versus something like that big Colt Defender .45. So there lies your problem. It's a decision that needs more than a simple .45 versus .380 answer. Your training, ability, knowledge and size all play a part in what you end up with. It's a serious question that needs serious consideration, one that can't be answered simply by recommending a caliber.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:03 am
by Valikyte
I got the surplus in 9mm Mak in it's a real solid shooter. NO jams, misfires and has decent accuracy for a surplus gun. I absolutely think these are a bargain, especially if you can pick one up as a surplus (J & G is a good place to start). These things were ahead of their time as far as modern features and still hold their own with some of the newer designs. CZ in general makes fantastic, solid and reliable firearms and this is no exception. Get one and you will not likely be disappointed.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:27 am
by tigwelder56
Thanks for your tip! I have to agree with you that J&G is a great online dealer. I've subscribed to their newsletter for a long time and am always amazed at the offers they provide.

I also agree that many of the 9mm Maks are available for a steal. It's a real competitor for concealed carry. I think if people realized that it's only one millimeter shorter than the Luger 9mm (9X19) it would be a far more popular pistol. Especially at the prices they're being offered at.

PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2009 6:38 pm
by goldfalcon6
Bought the -83 new, and have run about 400 rounds through it. Not a single hiccup. Grip feel is delightful and solid, and aiming is intuitive. Still, the standard sights are excellent, and the accuracy is first rate. Price was also right. Great value.I own .22, .32, .380, 9mm, .45ACP, and .45 Colt. Favorites are the Browning Hi-Power....and this CZ83. Price was also right. Great value.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:08 pm
by Hay2bale
I bought the CZ 82, used at a gun show last month for $220. Supposed to be a military or police trade in gun. It is in very good condition with two magazines. Shoots the 9mm X18 Makarov round, which is the cheapest ammo I can find, although the hollow point ammo is on back order. No mechanical problems. This thing is really accurate and has very good sights. It has become a frequent concealed carry gun. It is a little heavy, because it is made out of steel, but it is not really a problem. Feels very good in my hand.

I would recommend this gun to anybody. My wife likes it too, and she has champagne tastes.