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Postby kenbo776 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:02 pm

just bought a new CZ83 in .380 ...I am in love!!!! i have taken this gun out to the range three times in the first month and I just love the way it feels in the hand. Not to mention how well it shoots! Almost 300 rounds and no FTF or anything!

And the accuracy is amazing...I think it has a shorter trigger pull in single action than any of my CZ75s. The weight seems to help keep it on target ...since it is a lot heavier than most other .380 on the market. The only problem for me was the price...and most of you guys would be horified to hear that it was almost $600 after all fees and taxes here in California.
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Postby goldfalcon6 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:29 am

Kenbo776: $600? OUCH!!! Bought my CZ83 in April 2009 new here in NC for $393.98, taxes included. It's one sweet, accurate, reliable shooter, and my favorite as far as grip. Have never had a malfunction--yet.
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Postby Gladius » Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:31 am

Love this gun. Bought it used from a dealer here in TX. It was a used military pistol with hardly any wear at all internally. Not much on the exterior either for that matter. Paid $198 plus tax and shipping for a total of $232. Not too bad for one tremendously reliable and accurate sidarm. I carry it almost daily. The controls are just like my Kimbers controls. Th 9mm Makarov round has plenty of knock down power, if you can hit the target, and with the large capacity magazines, you have plenty of rounds to hit the target with.

I love this pistol. Over 3000 rounds and no problems at all. The polygonal rifling is a plus as well.
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Postby PhantomII » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:05 pm


That was a fantastic grab... $232!

I had bought two of them from J&G Sales for $209+$22 S/H+$10 FFL for a total of $241 ea. They were great internally and holster wear on the front of the slide. One was worn more than the other but nice looking. I came across a guy in San Antonio thru GunBroker.com, who does Duracoating of the CZ's (he has a C&R License) for only $105 each. Sent both of them to him for refinishing using the 'Semi-Gloss Black SL' finish. They came back looking like new!

A plus? If you want to change your CZ82 to a .380ACP, you can have a gunsmith order a replacement barrel from CZ-USA, since that is the only difference between it and a CZ83 (besides finish). I did that to one of mine and have the old bbl as a spare!

Hornady manufactures a terrific cartridge for the 9x18 with their XTP bullet. That is what I carry in my CZ.

Hey! MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY "SHOOTING" NEW YEAR! to you and the rest of the crowd on GunDirectory!!

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Postby PhantomII » Wed May 25, 2011 11:43 am

I just took advantage of J&G Sales offerings of the CZ83 surplus pistols. I already own two of the CZ82's and just love them...

I bought two of the CZ83's asked for hand selection and for the cost of one new CZ83, I got two!

When I received them yesterday, I opened the box and they looked horrible! I was thinking "...what a mistake I made..."

I took them apart to remove all the preservation oil and the little bit of cosmolene from the insides of the pistols. I did a really thorough cleaning, and as I did so, I began to smile - A LOT!!

The pistols are absolutely beautiful! the top of the slide is done in a dark grey phosphate finish, similar to the S&W M&P line and the Glock lines, the sides and the rest of the pistol is deep polished blue. The barrel is conventional rifling and is like new. There is absolutely NO Holster wear, but a few minor scratches from storage and shipping. I took this to a gunsmith friend of mine and he looked them over and wanted to buy them immediately. He said these are Excellent ++ to LNIB condition. I told him he could buy his own from J&G, they had plenty more, but don't wait, the good ones will be gone soon!!

I took them out to my shooting range and set the targets to 25 yards and from a sand-bag rest shot 50-rounds through each one, using BVAC .380 95-gr. FMJ range ammo. The one that was made in 1990 averaged a 10-shot group of just over 4.5" (the first 20 rnds were discounted as being a breakin/fouling run. The pistol made in 1991 was just a little tighter at 4.25".

I then went to checking the SA trigger and it broke at 5.1 lb.s for the 1990, and 4.8 lb.s for the 1991 pistol. They did feel lighter when being shot, probably the Action Lube smoothing it out...

I next did some combat style shooting and the pistols were truly shooting to point of aim at 25 yards.

I had used Brownells "Action Lube Plus" on the slide and frame rails and on the trigger group. You don't use a lot of it, just a very thin coating. Doing so, I did not feel any 'grit' or burrs in the trigger, just a smooth DA/SA operation. The slide also was very smooth.

Very happy with the purchase and these are a permanent part of my pistol collection. Thanks J&G Sales for truly great pistols!


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Postby Marvic » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:20 am

Bought a new CZ 83, $349 from J&G. I thought this is a good price for a good little gun to stash in the truck or conceal carry. If I drop it or it gets gunky no big deal. When I get it I am impressed with the packing and storage box, however I wasnt sure about the weight. I took it to the range with my Beretta 90-two. For a $350 gun it's not bad looking even next to my itallian stallion. I started off by shooting a full mag out of the 90-2 at about 20 feet, the Beretta shoots a nice tight group. The first few shots out of the CZ-83 were right in the middle of my Beretta's group. First thing, the CZ feels real good, light recoil, great balance. So l think lets try my defensive shooting, one yard distance CZ-83 at my side, weak hand grabbing my shirt, I point at a small round sticker at the center of a profile target and roll off two shots, I shot the sticker right off the target. I'm liking this gun, it's heavy though. I take two steps back and hold the CZ at my chest, two hands defensive point stance, pop two shots and both land within the 8 circle. so now I think, this guns not that heavy. I take two steps back and line up the sights, pop two shots quick, both in the 9 circle. Out of the box I'm making center of mass hit's like I was shooting this gun all summer. This guns not heavy it's solid. I like any gun that makes me look good, lord knows I need the help. Nope, no gunking or droping this baby, this is now my couch carry. What a surprise, I didnt spend or expect much, but the CZ-83 turned out to be a very nice deal. I have since shot 200 rounds total and remain a satisfied customer. I am going to add Marshal grips and keep this baby close at hand.
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Postby PhantomII » Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:31 pm


I have bought six of these pistols:

2ea CZ82's (9x18mm) Makarov versions

4ea CZ83's (.380ACP)

5 of them have Marschal Grips, and they are great!

1 has a set of grips from an outfit in Clearwater FL that are also fantastic, but a little more expensive than the Marschal Grips.

The two CZ82's are MINE! As is 1 of the CZ83's, the others are in my name, but used by my family members as their personal carry guns.

All of the guns were bought as Used-Military/Police Surplus. The two CZ82's were in Very Good ++ condition and were stripped of the Black Paint used and then Duracoat SL refinished. they look new now.

The CZ83's were in Excellent to LNIB condition and all of them bought from J&G Sales.

These are the best little pistols that can be bought today! They will outlast any Polymer Frame pistol and take a beating and keep on shooting.

You made a great choice and I am glad that you are really satisfied with your new acquisition. It will serve you well.

If you want a document to show you how to completely dismantle the pistol, PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you, no charge!

Oh! If you want a pistol to throw into the tool box, center console of your car or whatever and know that it will work for you? Check out the Ugliest Pistol ever made; the Hi-Point line of pistols. You can do anything to them, and they will continue to do the job. Butt ugly, but utterly reliable! I keep one in the trunk of my car and under the seat of my truck!
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