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Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby saylurman » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:09 am

Roncodrummer . . . Thanks for all the input, especially regarding ammo types and weights. I gave up on the C-9 after a month of work failed to provide a weapon that would fire, eject or aim. You speak of wonderful groupings with 115 gr. ammo . . . . what is your distance? I like to use something with a bit more punch for a defense gun (and it has to fire every time!) so have you had any success with something heavier?
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Postby roncodrummer » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:24 am

saylurman - I was firing at 30 and 40 ft at an indoor range. I had no wind or rise to deal with. I went to Hi Point and requested their recommended ammo and was told Remington, UMC, and Blazer. I went one step further and used Blazer brass. I have since started using Federal Champion ammo from WalMart. $9.98 a box and shoots as well as anything I've tried. I use it in my .40 cal Hi Point and Bersa SubCompact .40 cal with no issues. I have taken it as far as 60 ft. with real tight groupings
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Postby PhantomII » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:39 pm


I have been shooting the Hi-Point line of pistols and carbines for over 10 years now (CF380, C9, 40S&W) and have had very few problems.

Most were in the C9 when I tried to use NATO surplus 147g FMJ ammo that would not extract (swelled cases), but that ammo is now strictly for my 995 Carbine, which handles it fine.

I have had average groups with the C9 of 3?" from 45 feet on my private outdoor range, and tighter at closer ranges. The Hi-Point pistols are of very good quality and as reliable as any other pistol. I bought my C9 when they were selling for $89 and would not take $300 for it!

I have other pistols, CZ82 & CZ83, Taurus PT140, Glock 22, S&W M&P 40c, and a dozen or more revolvers. So it is not like I only have Hi-Points and feel that I have to defend them.

Most of the problems that people have encountered with them are caused by their handling of them. Weak wrists, loose gripping, jerking the trigger, etc. It IS a very good pistol line.
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Postby saylurman » Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:29 pm

It is obvious you love the gun. Cool. I am glad you do and have good results. I have six handguns as my home stash. Two don't fire often enough to collect anything but dust. The C-9 is one. The other is a Raven 22 . . . both cheap guns. Maybe I limpwrist the Raven also? I will have to work on that. Thanks for your input.
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Postby PhantomII » Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:05 pm


I do respect your decision to not use a pistol, no matter what manufacturer it is from, if it does not perform reliably for you. That is the ultimate test for any pistol or revolver.

Have you contacted Hi-Point about the issues that you have with them? They are very customer oriented and will work to solve your problems, at least that is what I have found and heard from other users.

Please do not take offense to the term "Limp Wristing" as it is the best description of a very common problem. I have been shooting pistols and carbines for over 45 years and have caught myself getting lax on the holding of a firearm. It is just used to describe the looseness in the wrist, so that when the pistol is in recoil, it easily 'rolls' up and to the right side. This action robs the slide action of it's recoil energy which can cause Failures To Eject (stovepiping) or failures to feed a round from the magazine since the slide did not go completely back to it's stop. I have even seen it not cock the hammers on some pistols. Those who are moving over from Revolvers to Pistols will usually have more problem with this action since revolvers don't suffer from the recoil energy being bled off by the rolling wrist.

The Raven 22 suffers from the same problem that many 22 Pistols do, poorly constructed cartridges, and they are getting worse! We have done a lot of testing on 22 ammo available and there is a wide variance in muzzle velocity and power from within the same lots of ammo. I just sent a brick of 22 ammo back to the manufacturer because of this, and they are testing it to find a reason.

I have a Raven 25 that is a 'fun gun' to shoot, when it does not bite the webbing on my hand! (Big hands, small pistol)

By the way, my favorite pistol to CCW? My CZ82 & CZ83 followed by my Taurus PT140 and Glock 22. I don't carry the BUFF "Big Ugly Fat Firearm" C9, it is a range gun and home defense hide out.

Hope you get some drought relief down on the South Texas Coast, Can make it very hard to deal with the heat w/o water...!
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Postby ehfudd » Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:26 pm

PhantomII, i got 2 c9's and a 995ts and i'm happy. Wanted to say got Raven mp25, chrome/pearl. Shoot Cobra's too. Cheaper guns are cheaper guns. Don't like em...sell em.So far raven ain't bit me.
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Postby saylurman » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:33 pm

Thanks PhantomII. Like I said before, any gun you are happy with, is fine with me. However, my C-9 and the Raven (both bought new) have resisted every effort to be anything more than occasional plinkers. I have a S&W M&P that fires accurately every time you squeeze the trigger. I have a Ruger (two actually) P-97 that mimics the M&P even after it get run over by a truck. My Keltec P-9 took a lot of work to be a "carry" gun I could bet my family's life on. And the list goes on . . . Neither of the aforementioned weapons have proved reliable (to me) or accurate. In truth, accuracy is impossible when you are swearing at a barrage of fTf's, frte's and misfires. I never found my accuracy to be very good with the C-9 . . . but much depends on your definition of "good" and the comparison guns to which you set your standards. My gunshop says the same things about this pistol as you do . . . and they feel I should send it back also. If it was accurate, I would go through the trouble . . . but you must understand that if you don't trust a weapon to fire it is only so much metal . . . The Raven is many times worse and the trigger pull on either weapon is nothing to have a serious discussion about. Thank you for your cordial response, however.
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Postby Gloc9mm » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:16 pm

Saylur, The Raven, (The "Back Up" is the same thing) is really nothing more than an overpriced paperweight. I see people Carrying them and really feel they are very foolish.

I just feel if 90% of the reviews are negative on any Weapon and you cannot afford better, you are better off not Carrying a Weapon! A Gun that always Jams will get you killed quicker than none at all. But, that's just my opinion.
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Postby orion60 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:15 am

I had those three ten round magazines for the C-9, they didn't work so i sent then in and ask for 3 eight round magazines for replacement. Next time I get to the range, I am sure they will work just fine, The C-9 is inexpensive, too heavy and bulky for concealed carry. But it will be reliable in a home intrusion situation. I have no problems with the C-9. I keep in it in my office for protection of my silver collection. When I leave the house I am happy with my Bersa Thunder 380.
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Postby saylurman » Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:14 pm

gloc9mm I couldn't agree more. Even though the M&P has the magazine one would wish and accuracy as good as anything out there . . . I don't have the body type to hide it. Same goes for my P 97 except when the weather turns cold. For that reason I put in the effort to make my Keltec P9 my everyday carry. Fits easily in any pocket and fires every time with reasonable accuracy after some work and practice. Reasonable? You wouldn't be trying head shots across the street with a Keltec P9.
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