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Postby Madtahder » Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:38 pm

I currently use a H&K USP 40 on duty! I used the 9mm glocks in the academy which I believe are total junk! I love the H&K It is very smooth, and very accurate! I have a moderate grouping at 50yrds! GREAT GUN! I also have a S&W MP 40 a very close rival to the H&K!
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Postby 1911ES » Fri Apr 30, 2010 8:39 am

Does anyone here carry the HK .45 ... and if so, how is it for a carry pistol. I know it's lighter than the Glock or XD in .45 caliber.
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Postby drdarrin » Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:14 pm

A friend of mine and I took his brand new, never fired USP in 9mm to the range today. His first gun and I was very much surprised, he shot it very well.

Between us, we fired approximately 200 rds of Winchester and some off brand I'd never heard of before. No failures to feed, 1 stove pipe (using the off brand) but no other issues.

My take on the gun is it's very accurate, points well in my hand, good sights, weight and everything else. I particularily like the integrated safely and decocker. The DA trigger pull was smooth and consistent. The SA trigger pull was somewhat heavier than I'm used to but very tollerable easily adjusted to. My only pan of this handgun is the magazine release. I just don't care for it.

It is behind and below the trigger guard; activated by pressing down on it from either side of the trigger guard. I have fairly large hands (XL when buying gloves). I had to use either my trigger finger or weak hand index finger to release it. The pressure required to activate the release is pretty light; about 1/2 the pressure needed to pull the SA trigger. My concern is that it is too easily released.
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Postby 2ndfan » Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:12 pm

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Postby jobpatto » Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:24 pm

2ndfan, that is very interesting to hear about the HK construction differences. I would never buy another auto pistol that is not an HK (unless I felt the need for a speciality caliber like the FN 5.7, Desert Eagle .44 Mag or .50 Caliber).

I've shot a lot of Glocks and like their quality just fine, meaning perfectly acceptable. I found their reliability to be on par with other name brand autos but still had some FTF's and FTE's during the first 500 round break in period on four or five of them. This could be chalked up to break-in and I believe Glock even issues break-in instructions. The bottom line is that I am in a minority group that respects both Glocks and HK's.

That being said the HK is in a different league. I was turned on to them by my father who is a FFDO armed 747 captain. Their standrd issue was the USP Compact .40 with the LEM action. In his week long training, there were dozens of pilots all using brand new USP's and they weren't allowed to clean them during the week. It was in Arizona but one day had heavy rain and they still held the range session, which saturated everyones dirty and dusty USP's In addition to that, for the purpose of training, they made them drop their magazines on the sandy desert ground and didn't allow them to clean or brush them off when inserting them back into the pistol or when loading new rounds. These few dozen pilots each fired over 1,000 rounds with dirty, wet, dusty, sandy magazines and pistols without a single failure. In addition to that impressive rate, the instructor said they had NEVER seen an HK failure with the many hundreds of pilots and brand new USP's that came through the week-long course.

Plus, I am a civilian who carries a round chambered and I would never feel comfortable doing that with the SA Glock action. I use both the USP .40 and the P2000 SK .40 with the same LEM actions.

As far as convincing a Glock fan to switch to HK, it would probably be easier to get a die-hard biker to switch from a Harley to a a Honda than from a Glock to HK or vice versa. Perhaps getting a Corvette fan to buy a Porsche would be a better analogy. Both are great sports cars but for different reasons and they each have a very different fan base. Spouting statistics all day long wouldn't convince either side to switch.
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Postby outlaw54 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:18 pm

I too am a long time H&K fan. I have both the H&K MP-5 and the H&K USP .45. I also have Sig Sauer's, Walther P99, FN 5-7, Desert Eagle 44 magnum, Thompson & Colt M1911 and an FN tactical 45 on the way.

I tend to buy high quality pistols. Mostly German and Swiss, much like certain cars, I find their quality and performance second to none. I consider the H&K, the Sig and the newer FN's in the "A" category. My Walther and Colt I would consider a B+.

I purchased my H&K USP .45 based on the SOCOM Model 23 that the Navy SEAL's carry. I have read all the test data on this weapon and these guns fire flawlessly. If I lived in Chicago under mayor Daley's new proposed law and had to give up all my pistols except one it would be the H&K.

I recently bought an H&K threaded barrel and a suppressor for mine and am waiting for the BATFE paperwork to clear. I can't wait to fire this. I have put close to 3,000 rounds through my first barrel since I purchased mine in 2002 and now with a second barel, I have a pistol for life. I was aware of stringent testing the Model 23 had to pass, but what "jobpatto" below described the FFDO armed training describes punishment few guns could take.I am looking to buy a Glock soon and they wouldn't be used by so many LEO's if they weren't good, but the lack of a safety and hammer drop bothers me. I have fired many Glocks that I didn't own and the trigger has always bothered me. I think the only safety device on most is the split trigger to make sure you finger is full on it so it won't accidentally discharge.

I saw a video recently where an under cover LEO was giving a speech to grade school kids. In the video the man accidentally fired a round into his foot. If you saw the video you would give this guy a medal for how he conducted himself. He didn't panic and no one was hurt. LEO's want a gun they can holster and without a safety usually for many reasons. Most LEO's want to keep a round in the chamber and be able to draw without hanging up on a holster. I think the Glocks have a place and are good weapons, they fire even after severe punishment, but I think most folks that want a pistol for self defense or target purposes want a quality gun with a safety. H&K is one of the few that has the hammer drop and safety on the same lever. It is clearly marked and easy to use. I noticed the FNP tactical .45 has even gone to the same type of safety/hammer drop. None of my other guns have this. The only other improvement I would like H&K to use is some sort of loaded chamber indicator like the Walther P99 or both of the FN's.

I also have a GSG-5 in .22, it is an inexspensive clone of the MP-5. H&K has sued and they stopped producing. My point here is H&K's have set an industry standard that many are trying to duplicate.

Going back to the H&K VP-70 which was made back in the late 60's and was far ahead of its time, it was the first polymer pistol. This was one of the first polymer guns and actually led to the Glocks we see today.

H&K is quality, performance and safety personified. I wish I could afford more H&K's. My next rifle purchase will probably be an H&K MR762 in 7.62x51 NATO
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Postby 2ndfan » Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:04 pm

outlaw54 In reference to the reason most LEO's carry Glock, because most angencies get them for a good deal because they are dealing in volume, and they are a good gun, dont get me wrong. If glock is aprox. 500.00 per gun HK is about 1,000.00 per gun agencies couldnt afford to double their expense on duty weapons. But are still in the market for a gun that has high rankings.Not to many guns have cold hammer forged barrels. If you ask me its because they wana sell a lot of guns. So cost has to be kept resonable.
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Postby outlaw54 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:46 pm

@2ndfan, I know that agencies include price as a determination, it is usually the difference in the purchase. I never said it wasn't and I think the cold hammer forged comment was below me?? The FN also has the same cold hammer forged barrel and if I were buying a gun that I knew my life depended on, I would take the H&K over the Glock, but that is my personal choice. I don't think there is anything wrong or lower quality about the Glock, but they do make certain decisions to keep their cost down.

Much like the Beretta 92 beat the Sig P226 solely on cost when the military was looking to replace the old M1911 with a 9mm as the Sig was far better in all other categories. There are a whole host of reasons why LE prefers Glock and I agree with those reasons. Glock goes bang every time despite abuse and lack of cleaning and all my friends that carry them for work or a permit claim that they holster and draw far better due to the lack of levers and buttons. H&K is a bit more $$$, but many agencies that can afford them do spend the extra. Glocks do go for about $500, but the H&K's are closer to $800, the FN's on the other hand are closer to the $1,000.

You should see the growing list of agencies that have added the pricey FN 5-7, including the Secret Service. 20+1 capacity (30+1 if you buy the extended mags) and very little recoil coupled with a fast (1,950 ft per sec) round that is accurate at 50 yards with tight groupings.

I am going to be very torn when my FNP tactical .45 comes in. I will be a close call to my H&K
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Postby jobpatto » Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:48 am

Please correct me if I am wrong but isn't it true that the FN Five Seven really designed to penetrate body armor? That being said, I have also heard that civilians can't buy armor piercine rounds. This seems to me that for a personal protection round, you lose the advantage of armor piercing but still have an FMJ round that will over-penetrate by about three people. It seems like civilian use of the five seven would be the worst of both worlds.....kind of like hunting deer with a .50 cal instead of a 30-O6. Far too much penetration. Something like a single round going through a deer, a few tree trunks, and then through someones home.
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Postby beltbuckle » Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:05 am

It was primarily designed as a companian pistol to it's rifle counterpart, The P90. It just so happens to have armor piercing capabilities, but also frangible capabilities. Overpenatration; It all depends on the round used......

Feel free to discuss this further in a more suiting section. Ammunition or gun chatter would be a good place.
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