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Walther P22 Reviews

Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby run8 » Sun Sep 10, 2006 9:17 pm

Ive had my P22 now for well over a month now, Im extremely pleased with this firearm, its proven well worth the money spent. I would also add that Ive shot nearly 500 rounds thru it so far without a single misfire or jam. Ive used the regular CCI, CCI Stingers and Federal, by and far the CCI Stingers are the best for this weapon IMHO. Ive found accuracy wise its definetly a close quarters type weapon (if I had to shoot it out with someone), 15yrds and quite accurate, 25yrds with some wider groupings. I keep it holstered right next to my bed with two extra magazines ready to rock, my rifle is the back up incase its needed.
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Postby devildog724 » Sun Sep 24, 2006 11:22 pm

I bought one and I love it, the 22 is a great practice round or for the fury little critter that keeps eating your trash. no problems to date, always reliable fairly accurate. A very futureristic looking gun. The wife loves to shoot it! I also like I can buy 500 rounds for ten dollars, and shoot all day. not a personal defence pistol by no means, in my book this is a fun gun.
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Postby 1917-1911M » Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:01 pm

After developing solutions for the various problems that occur with the P-22 and using dry lubrication instead of oil and grease I finally had a serious problem. The frame developed a small but complete fracture at appx. 27,500 rounds. Nearly all the ammo I fire is remington 36 gr. hp, goldens. So it wasnt from ammo that was too powerful. There was absolutley no wear to the slide grooves or frame rails from new and as measured by digital calipers.

So what did Jeff at S&W ask????????????????? Would you like us to replace the frame or just send you a new pistol, either w/o charge. I guess I dont have to tell you which deal I took. Ive had nothing but great service from S&W. The P-22 can be brought up to speed with a few mods. Safe shooting. M1911
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Postby jeffhail » Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:39 am

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Postby barnbig » Wed Oct 11, 2006 7:07 am

great gun for plinking and small game target in the backyard, especially if you install the original suppressor.

nobody would notice that you are firing a 22lr round at your backyard, sound like an airgun.
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Postby cheuaverra » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:34 pm

I bought this un for my wife after purchasing a P99 for myself several months ago. We took it to the range yesterday and it started jamming immediatly. Would not feed the first round without force and I got one stovepipe. Put about 100 rounds through it and, frankly, Im not impressed. My P99 is a work of art and I love it but the P22 seems to need some work right out of the box.

Since I think of this as a good beginers gun in terms of kick and flash, I am surprised that Walther lets this gun out of the factory without smoothing it up a little. If this had been my first Walther, I would have never purchased another. Fortunatly, I bought my P99 first and I love it.

I think the modifications suggested by a previous poster, covered on another website will probably make this an excellent gun but, for the price, I dont think the average beginner is knowledgable enough or motivated enough to take the gun apart and rework it. My wife certainly isnt.

I, on the other hand, though being new to the gun thing, but having spent my whole life working with my hands and tools, will spend the time to clean this gun up. Will post again when done.
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Postby boomselectah » Sat Oct 14, 2006 12:38 am

i purchased this gun some time back and love it to the end. i have purchased and fired other guns since, but i still cant get enough of this little gun. it has great features, aesthetically and practical safety-wise. i also purchased from ebay some magazine capacity extenders. they state on the packaging that they will extend the capacity by 3 rounds, but i have found no matter how hard i try only 2 rounds extra will fit. i contacted the person who sold me them about this problem and he told me that after my magazine springs were broken in a bit, the third round would fit. thats a big load of ka-ka. the magazine spring isnt very stiff to begin with and basically, there just isnt anymore room for a third round, at least not with the way the magazine guide is out of the packaging. i suppose with some filing down one could increase the capacity to 3. in any event, by installing the new magazine guides you have to remove the spring assist which doubles as the trip for the slide stop. so after firing the last round, the slide will not lock to the rear, but thats not such a big deal since racking the slide on this weapon takes almost no effort. the gun itself is amazingly accurate with the standard 3.4 inch barrel i can only imagine how much more accurate it will be when i finally purchase the 5 target barrel. i have put a number of different types of cheap ammunition through my walther and have experienced no problems whatsoever. i think this little gun is unbelievable! its accurate, reliable and most importantly for me, a real joy and pleasure to shoot. i cant say enough positive things about this gun. i am thinking about purchasing a second one. the one i own is a nickel finish like the one in the picture. the next one i plan to buy is going to be all black with the extended barrel kit and 3.4 barrels and also the red dot scope and scope mount. i strongly recommend this gun to anyone interesting in doing some target shooting/plinking or just generally having fun with a neat little gun.

happy handgunning!
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Postby warriornfl1 » Fri Oct 20, 2006 8:42 am

Bought my p22 new from dealer, weapon worked flawlessly for 500 rounds. Then, nothing but problems, with several trips back for repair, My decision was, bye bye... A+ for the appearance of the weapon, but, I give it a F for funtionality. Needs to be fixed before I waste my money on another one.
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Postby USAFSP » Sat Oct 21, 2006 11:52 am

Shame on me! I bought the P22 without checking out the reviews first. I have not had it on the range yet, but am anxious to see how it shoots. Hopefully, the bugs identified in the earlier models have been worked out and it performs well. I am taking it to the range today and will keep you folks posted. I have 200 CCI mini-Mags to pump through it for its trial run.
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Postby USAFSP » Sat Oct 21, 2006 10:19 pm

We fired 175 rounds without a glitch. CCI mini-Mags performed flawlessly. Weapon had almost no recoil and was dead accuate out of the box, no adjustments needed. Had 2 first time 13 YO shooters and they loved the little gun. Not ready for rating yet, not enough rounds for a true test.
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