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Magnum Baby Desert Eagle Reviews

Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby berettafool » Mon Aug 28, 2006 5:34 pm


Is this baby Eagle manufactured from Magnum Research Inc? I have never heard of a polymer baby eagle that they make.
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Postby swampfox » Mon Aug 28, 2006 7:54 pm

Hey Guys, I just purchased the Baby DE in polymer with 3.64 in barrel. I polished the feed ramp, chamber, rails and transfer bar and then lubed with MiliTec-1 grease. Ran a box of Rem-UMC thru it without a hiccup. A friend of mine also bought the Baby in steel with the 4+ barrel. He shot it right out of the box with no prior prep and also had no problems. This weapon feels and shoots like quality. Once I get a chance for more range time, Ill report back.

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Postby PasadenaDan » Fri Sep 22, 2006 4:03 am

I Purchased the .45 Baby Eagle overall a great gun. Awesome power and quality for the price. Over 1500 rounds thru it and no misfeeds. But there are very little modification products out there for this weapon and it is VERY heavy. But I love this piece
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Postby cadet4077 » Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:12 pm

I purchased the .40 baby eagle with poly frams and tactical rail. Its awesome and very reliable. Shoots any round and looks good doing it. The only problem I have is that there isnt much aftermarket for it.
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Postby cadet4077 » Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:15 pm

Great Gun. Shoots any round and is pretty light. I purchased one with the Poly frams for around $550 from Academy and love it. The only this is that there isnt much aftermarket for it.
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Postby starksinc » Sun Oct 01, 2006 5:10 pm

Okay so it sounds like the polymer frame is the way to go being that most comments lean towards the weapon is heavy and that there is no after market, so the polymer with rails i think shoud be the way to go, next question is though which size should it be question to anybody with the 3.64 barrel, does that have the regular size handle or the full compact
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Postby diamondoug » Tue Oct 03, 2006 7:09 pm


I have a .45 hard chromed all steel model with the 3.64 inch barrel and it has the full size grip with ten shot mags. I believe that the polymer versions have 3.5 inch barrels but not sure !?!?

Madd Ogre did a review awhile back, it was a side by side comparison of two polyframed baby eagles. Check it out. The more I think about it my pistol with a shorter grip would be better for concealed carry. I think you have talked me into one.
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Postby Egoslayer1 » Thu Oct 05, 2006 3:48 pm

Although its heavy, this gun is very comfortable to shoot. I feels solid and well made. Personally, its far too heavy for concealed carry, but I highly recommend it for recreational shooting or home defense.
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Postby creamandcrimson » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:54 am

As others have said before...THE FACTORY MAGAZINES ARE JUNK. Other than that, this gun is amazing. I have the .45 and I love it! The D.E. magazines I received with the gun didnt feed properly because they were too tight at the top. This means that the bullets would catch and I would have to tap the back of the receiver in order to chamber them...very annoying while shooting. This would happen at least every other round if not every round (using several different types of ammo too). Also, it was so tight at the top of the mags it would scratch the shells whether they were being ejected by hand or chambered by the receiver. I was able to fix the problem by CAREFULLY bending the top of the mags back a little. But that is only a temporary fix and I am going to order the EAA Witness Full Size (10rd) mags...which Ive heard work flawlessly. This gun feels, looks, and shoots great! Just dont count on the factory mags.
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Postby cadet4077 » Fri Oct 06, 2006 4:03 pm

Ploy frame is the only way to go. It makes it A TON lighter and has the rail. In my opinion it makes it look a lot better too. I have the 3.64 and the grip is full sized.
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