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Beretta 92 Reviews

Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby whitehood » Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:47 pm

It's a very good weapon, though by now the overall design is a bit dated. Above all it's totally reliable. I've put over 5000 rounds through one including 1000 lead reloads without a jam. It's very accurate especially at ranges exceeding most pistol fights. I also like the trigger. The double action pull is a bit long, but can prepped which I like a lot. Transition to single action is smooth. IMHO I think the weapon is ideal for carrying in a vehicle especially on long trips and not for concealed carry. The long sight radius and barrel will give you an advantage especially if you have the option of fighting behind cover. Now the downside. It's heavy and not very concealable. The grip is big and unless you have a big hand it's not going to fit well. I also don't consider it a "fast" pistol to bring into action like a Glock 19/23. Also word of warning. The failures I've seen in this pistol have always involved after market magazines. The same thing applies to the military. ALWAYS buy factory Berretta mags and you won't go wrong.
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Postby JAQ83 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:30 am

I'm sure this question has been asked numerous times already, but has anyone shot the U.S. model AND the Italy stamped 92? Notice any differences? ( Fit, finish, reliability, accuracy)
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Postby smith6906 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:42 am

barrel to frame fittings are a little lose on the US model, and the sight is dropped a few mm's ........other than that i havnt seen any differences
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Postby oboe » Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:42 pm

I note that the 92 has the M9 model, and the 92A1 also has the 92M9A1. Other than price and markings, what other differences are there between the M models and the non-M models?
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Postby Wilderhawke » Sat May 14, 2011 6:47 pm

Bought my first semi-auto and 92fs about 3 weeks ago. Paid $590 new, from a local gun store. I have only owned revolvers in the past, for safety and accuracy reasons, as well as living in big bear country where a 44mag was all I wanted. Haven't owned a handgun in years now, though, and had all the sudden gotten the urge to shoot one again. Studied the options, decided on a semi-auto, because this weapon is for fun, home protection, and the possibility of a systemic breakdown in our country--wanted more shots available without reloading. I decided I liked the safety features of the 92fs and the reputation seemed stellar. Plus, I love the looks. I am half Italian, and was in the U.S. Army, so any weapon made by my bloodline, and good enough for our U.S. soldiers is good enough for me. I have only fired 200 shots out of it so far. Only one malfunction... as I was disassembling it today to clean it I accidentally hit the guide post and spring and that spring zapped across the room and about knocked a hole in the wall. I am very thankful no one, including myself, was in front of it, because it would take out an eye no trouble. The weapon fires very sweetly and as many will attest, the grip is full and conforming to a larger hand. I am still working out if it is my hold on the gun, or the gun itself, but it seems to shoot about 1" to 2" high to the left at 15yards. When I am sure to hold'r straight up and down, aligned, I do better. I never did like a gun without adjustable sights so this is new to me. But in 50 shots yesterday I shot 9 bulls and only three total shots outside the 8s. I am happy with that and know it will improve. Many say the 9mm is too small for knockdown, including Texas Troopers I spoke with... but I am on a budget... and I hope to shoot straight enough if the sad opportunity ever presents itself that a 9mm will do what I need.
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Postby wmzub » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:10 am

Wilderhawke, I have one of these also. Guun pistol and very well made. Bought it about 20 years ago before Taurus got involved with Beretta. Not knocking Taurus. The old "Knockdown Power" term is somewhat misleading. Its all about velocity and type of bullet. I that pistol for a good defense load use a good JHP like Hornady Critical Defense, Corbon or Federal Hydrashock. Its all in the accurate shot placement. You can kill a bear with a 22 if you hit in the right place but I myself would not carry one for that type of hunting.
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Postby 5ring » Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:41 pm

I love the 92 series. The Inox 92FS has got to be the prettiest pistol ever made, or maybe the CZ75 in stainless, but I digress. I carried and qualified with the M9 in the Marines. Then carried a 92FS at two different police departments. I never failed to blow a ragged whole through the center of the target during qualification (except with a factory-new govt contract gun which came from the U.S. plant with a bent barrel). Still, I have never had an FTF or FTE with a Beretta in the field or on the range. Including an M1934 .380 which was fifty years old when I had it. I can't say the same for Glock "perfection".

After carrying Glocks for years, and others for off-duty, I decided it was time for a fun, accurate gun to take to the range. Yesterday I bought a new M92A1 at my local gun store for $599. Three 17 round mags and a captive recoil assembly (fixes Wilderhawke's deadly flying spring issue). It also has an internal buffer to ease recoil, which should make this smooth operator even silkier. I'm not one for mounting lights or lasers on pistols ("HERE I AM!") but it has an integral rail too. I can't wait to get her to the range.
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Postby AMF » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:35 pm

I think the 92FS is a great side arm. I qualified with it and carried it on the job. I like the size because it does not make me feel under gunned. I purchased a US built model in 1996. I purchased an Italian built one in Jan 2011 for 557 to the door. I found the fit and finish to be excellent. These side arms cycle smooth. The slide action feels like greased lightning. The single action trigger pull is light and crisp. I find them reliable and never had any malfunctions. I qualified twice with it and watched other highly tauted autos malfunction during the qualifications. I tried not to laugh because the guy that had the fte had made fun of my 92FS an hour prior. I never make fun of any individuals choice of firearm and the fte problem the joker experienced further reinforced this lesson for myself.
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Postby 5ring » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:37 pm

Took my new M92A1 to the range today. I shot 300rds of S&B 115gr FMJ without a single problem. I used six inch paper plates for targets and did not miss a single one. The slowfire groups at 10yds were under two inches. Thats 17 shots within two inches. Sent the plates out to 20yds (as far as the indoor range goes) and all shots were still on the plate. At least I think so, as there was a ragged 1.5 inch hole in the center. The action is flawless and smooth. I loaded a mag of 124gr Paki Subgun ammo that none of my other nines will shoot reliably due to the hard primers. The A1 shot all 17 rounds and absorbed the extra recoil with no problem. I then fired 115gr Magtech +P hollows with no problem. Again under 2" at 10 yds for 17rds and dead center on the Sharpie circle I drew on the plate. When I said before that I love the 92 series, I wasn't kidding. Looks like I have a new mistress.
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Re: Beretta 92 Reviews

Postby 1ofEA » Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:05 am

Recently picked up a used Beretta 92F made in USA. I've heard this older model may not be safe due to the slide/frame design and was corrected in the 92FS model. Any feedback on whether this firearm is safe or do I need to have some mods done? Thanx!
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