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Beretta FS 92 stainless and the politic of primers

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Beretta FS 92 stainless and the politic of primers

Postby sprinklebum » Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:59 pm

I have owned the Beretta FS92 stainless for several years now and have fired several thousand rounds without a single problem. It has low recoil from this 9mm, is very accurate, a bit heavy, a very nice looking pistol, with a good parts fit, a bit hard on the first pull :-), with a great balance in my hand. Would be nice to have a carry model available. The FS92 and the 1911 remain my favorite two firearms. Please remember when Pelozi, Schumer, Kennedy and others try to totally collect all your weapons, the PRIMERS are what you will need the most. Not the bullets, cases or even the powder. Think PRIMERS.
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