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Bryco Jennings/Jimminez pistols......

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Bryco Jennings/Jimminez pistols......

Postby smith6906 » Fri May 22, 2009 10:44 pm

alrighty, im back to stir up some crap :-) i have been noticing on every firearms website that people claim that bryco/jimminez firearms will "blow up in your hand" or "explode without warning" and people just basically throwing them away as dangerous weapons. now i for one own 3 or 4 diff models 9mm, .380, and .25acp . and i am not trying to say in any way shape or form that they are "QUALITY" or "RELIABLE" , everyone knows they jam up every 3 or 4 rounds. but they ARE extremely accurate and will always pop off the first round wich makes them a good cheap plinker. what i dont understand is after hours and hours of reasearch, i have found out that there is not ONE single instance of a bryco/jimminez gun EVER exploding or "blowing up in your hand" ......phoenex arms has a few and a few other polymer framed guns have doccumentation of exploding but bryco doesnt. so long story long.........has anyone ever actually seen a bryco or jimminez blow up? or even seen actual doccumentation of this happening? or are people just spreading a roumour and making a un-reliable weapon out to be a death trap? i for one still have all my fingers and my face.............i personally think they are good plinkers, cheap, and if last case scenario........good for a ocular crainial headshot in self defense......what you think?
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Postby jshelley89 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:42 pm

I just bought a bryco 380 on the 2/5/11 and i shot it on the 6th. before getting 50 rounds through it the frame cracked and the slide cracked. ill get some pics up soon
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