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Beretta 92F mfg in 2008?

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Beretta 92F mfg in 2008?

Postby virginia92fs » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:11 am

I purchased a Beretta 92 in early Dec 2008. It's one of the military commemorative models they made for each of the four military services. Even though I was in the Army, the only one available was the USMC edition, so I got that (believe me, I don't want to masquerade as a jarhead, LOL). Even though it says "M9" on the frame and has "M9 U.S. Marine Corps" painted on the slide, I assumed civilians can't purchase M9s and that it was actually a 92FS. Checking the differences between the M9 and 92FS, it met all of the criteria for the M9 (straight dust cover, 2 dot sight, etc) but has a "M9-XXXX" serial number, which real military M9s do not. I checked with Beretta and they said, based on the serial number, it was manufactured in Sept 2008 and was a 92F. I didn't think they still made that model, esp as late as 2008.

My main concern: does that mean it doesn't have the hammer modification which prevents the slide from flying back into my head if it cracks?
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