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Postby rodmon » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:38 pm

I bought a DB 380 last week (09-20-2010) and have nothing but problems, trigger reset, double feed and finally the recoil cylinder came out the front of the pistol jamming 2 rounds of American Eagle and jaming the slide in the process of clearing the rounds one fired into the palm of my hand causing severe injury. eou ask why my hand was in front of the barrell, no good excuse, but the slide was so hard to pull back to clear the weapon I needed the the leverage and never expected one of the two jamed rounds to fire. I am an experenced ( 50 years) fire arms collector. The bottom line is if the weapon has not been recalled, it should be. Tell me why all the pics show a light colored clip release and mine is black. Did I buy an early design that should have never left the plant. Again, trigger reset, round misfeeds slow ejection and double rounds in the chamber and last but not least the recoil cylinder came out of the slide and was sticking 1 inch out in front of the barrell. I had the local police come to the house to clear the weapon because of a personal injury. The officer cleared, field striped the weapon and found no visual faults. Bottom line is if the weapon was quality inspested and proper design the concerns would not apply to this weapon and no injury taken place.
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