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Original Browning Challenger .22

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Original Browning Challenger .22

Postby critical » Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:05 pm

The original Challenger was the best of the lot in my opinion. It had a wonderfull hand filling grip and the usual guality machining on it. But what I remember most was the very unusual accuracy of this gun. It was not too unusual to be able to hit metal fence posts at 50 yards with it using open sights. I loved that gun but it unfortunately belonged to my uncle who sold it before I could buy it. By then the Challenger II was out so I bought one. Whoops big drop of the ball Browning! This pistol consistantly grouped its bullets in 2" wide by 6" tall patterns when new at 25 yds! I put up with this for a year and then discovered why. The vertical machine screw that held the barrel allowed it to rock slightly. I ended up machining in an angled threaded hole that forced the barrel into rigid alignment. Bingo, 1" groups at 25 yds off a rest now common. I notified Browning of the problem with no response other than a form letter than did not apply? The new gun now had good accuracy but hitting fence posts at 50 yds. was not in its game. That was the second time I did not get a good gun when it came around. Anybody tested out the Buckmarks for group size lately?
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