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239 tricks and tips? Just ordered one.

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239 tricks and tips? Just ordered one.

Postby chs32 » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:18 pm

I've decided to start carrying for various reasons. In my normal, methodical approach, I've been researching caliber and weapon choice. I've chosen 40S&W for my first piece and recently went to a rental range to try different guns. Specifically, I was thinking the Glock 27 would be my choice. I tested the G27, a Springfield XD, Kahr PM40. None felt quite right. I have large hands. All of these tended to pinch low on the thumb and were just not really fun or comfortable.

I still had one more rental left (2 for $10), so I decided to try the P239. I hadn't researched it or heard anything about it, so it was really just a whim and not even on my radar. I was pleasantly shocked. Really fun to fire with far less apparent recoil. Totally comfortable and fun, with none of the pinching I had felt before. In addition, I found that I was far more on target than the other three I tried.

Bottom line, I just ordered the 239 40 Gen 2 in Nitron. The one I tested was a regular 239, but it seemed appropriate to get the SAS version. Anything else I should know, think, or consider about this auto? I tend to like things tweaked, improved, etc. Any special work that makes the 239 even sweeter. Aftermarket mags? The Kahr had crimson trace laser, but I found it really distracting more than helpful (it was also loose and 5 inches off target).

If I like this, what else might I like?


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Postby BrianB » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:40 pm

I can't help you on your question specifically but I like how you went out and tested out different guns and found one that really fit you. This is great example of how it should be done.
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