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Kahr PM45: Best Concealed Carry .45

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Kahr PM45: Best Concealed Carry .45

Postby Remy_Le_Beau » Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:15 pm

When combining the length, height, width, and weight of the Kahr PM45, the result is 12.34. The only other pistol that is more concealable is AMT's .45 Backup with a score of 12.3. However, the Backup has a history of mechanical problems and poor customer service (plus AMT went bankrupt and now High Standard in Houston, TX sells the AMT products).

Does anyone know of a more concealable .45 pistol on the market besides a Derringer-type weapon?

I think the PM45 is the most concealable, reliable .45 on the market. Thoughts?
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