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FYI: Buy a Taurus, get a Free NRA Membership

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:05 pm
Buy any Taurus firearm in 2013 and you will receive a FREE NRA Membership with ID Card, Stickers, Monthly Magazine of your choice, and access to all NRA Member Benefits.

I just bought a Taurus .357 Mag Snubbie and will have to use it as a gift membership as me and my wife are Life Members.

If you don't buy a Taurus, please join the NRA anyway and protect our Second Amendment Freedoms and protect our Nation from tyranny, support hunting, training, sponsor cmpetitions, etc.

Basic Membership is only $35. and free gifts are available. Check it out!

Or if you're strapped at present, just send the NRA a donation of $10. or whatever you can manage.