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If live alone, what's quick place for gun?

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Postby ShootSS » Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:59 pm

If you live alone, then keeping a gun under lock and key is not an issue as it would be if you had children running in and out.

I don't think there are any laws that would prohibit you from keeping a gun on your person in your own home (during the day). Or under your pillow or on your night stand at night. If there is not a spouse in the house that you might accidentally shoot, then the 3 foot rule is not an issue. If you DO wind up shooting an intruder, I doubt very seriously that any jury is going to listen to his whining about you having a gun closer than 3 feet to you.

Shoot, shovel and shut up. wink

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Postby Rocket11213 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:36 am

What is the 3 foot rule? I live alone in apt in 2 family hm. nobody but me lives in my apt. I like to keep gun and ammo close . prefer auto and loaded clip. so if need to protect myself from attacker /b/e animal Slide the clip in and pull the slide and he is gone if still coming at me after verbal warning stop.

Personally would like to keep a shotgun pump close by . to me this is the best hm protection Once that pump action sound of racking would make most people trying to harm/me to run away. if not would get blown away. .
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Postby Rocket11213 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:42 am

I like ur carry around house . keeps u use to weapon and handy it will be near by were ever you are in home in event of B/E and need to protect your self, and also having my fav hm protection is pump 12 ga nar by, ur rack that pump ,sound alone make make most folks run the heck out if there smart. one cant miss with shotgun of any gauge.
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Postby Gloc9mm » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:47 am

Keeping a weapon close is always a good idea. Carrying one inside your Home IMHO is a bit excessive. If you really need to, I'd be thinking of moving!
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Postby snke_doctr » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:58 am

Rocket; Carry a gun around your home? You sound paranoid enough to shoot a pizza delivery guy @ your door. Calm down & put your gun in a safer place.
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Postby Will_Carry » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:48 pm

I carry a gun around my home too, I just don't tell anyone.
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Postby JustBen » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:16 pm

Good guys do not get to choose when, where, how, or if they are attacked. The bad guy gets to choose. Most bad guys have all the time they need to plan the attack and will make sure you have no time to react.

I carry every possible minute I can. If someone or something breaks into my house, I sure am not going to have time to go find my gun in a safe and load it before my beautiful wife and 5 kids are in peril.

Not sure why anyone would own a gun for self defense and not have it accessible in 2 seconds or less. At that point you are just owning a gun and not prepared to fight with one. Sorry if I offended anyone, you know I like all you guys.
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Postby Rocket11213 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:42 pm

Justben I really liked your reply to my post. If was the most truthful post and acurate about if person has firearm locked away the there not prepared to defend there home or person . there just a gun owner, and really not prepared for a hoe invasion who is going to cause harm.

I feel have to have at least one firearm with in reach can even use a lock box quick release . and have a loaded clip inside to slap in . But to have lock in a safe is just a gun collector. Thanks for your trithful honest post.
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Postby Rocket11213 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:51 pm

This is to snke doctr. First off I don't carry auto in house. even though down south in many homes this is a common thing to do.

I don't think it is a bad idea for those who do carry in home, why? cause keep one very use to there gun . I don't know about you But I know my way around firearms revolvers, autos good could be empty no one even knows. next shotguns, I been around them since 10 yrs old hunting and target shooting . Have you ever been shot at ? Or exchange fire . I have been a armed security officer with armored trucks. been shot at and shot back! have you. if u had a armed B&E and did get close to your gun you one would be shaking so bad drop the gun and be shot by intruder. I scored last time at range a 95 and that was with 38 spl 2 1/2 in bbl at 12 ft 20 ft and end of range shot 3 shots at 5 in wide 8 in long target all 3 were hits won a turkey for the impressive shots. so I was told, I been in the middle of cross fire, been shot at and shot back few time over the years. I ask various questions To learn how most experience owners do. And my pizza guy is safe and in fact seen me shot . I have been trained in firearms from 22 to 357 magnum, and 12 ga pump 00 buckshot and slug and rapid fire it. and still like to get practice shots test done and any advise in training. example . do you know how loud a gun is in a house ? not tofoget the flash.I will give you a tip . Even though u would likely drop a gun a face to face GUN intruder fires a shot at you. . forgetting cover and after hearing the blast of handgun and bullet wiz by u, u would likely freeze up. and if not already shot buy the intruder doing a rapid fire run up on you and take you out if , if you did get off a round, u would most likely forget to for a second of fire in the dark or even semi dark it is a good idea to close your eyes so Not to get temp blind from gun flash for the shot. In any case I would not post any negative words without at least having some idea about persons back ground. I am much more qualified with various handling and carrying and shooting firearms pretty good, and been in. You did not mention how you protect you home an self?. or do you just collect guns to look at them? I have my firearm with in reach at any given time it is with in few seconds of reach. What is your way of dealing with a violent intruder armed? By the way I live in a nice area and yet there are still robbery's now and then , nice areas are a target since we have nice things.. If one lives in crappy section u have little to rob. that is why robbers go to the nice areas.. Just because person ask question I personally like many of people on here they know there way around firearms and I get good feedback on others from all over the states, as mention in the south Firearms are very common to have several fire arms ready to deal with violance to protect there lives in a instat, lots of southern woman are vey good with shooting and will not hesitate to shot a intruder. As well are people in the north , and west and east. were not all just gun collectors solely there is a large group that are trained and or learn enough enjoy firearms and at same time have enough experience to protect themselves from a violent armed intruder doing a B7E in there home who they will not allow the scum to have chance to have position weather they and or family should live or die. I enjoy reading post still learning and still asking question be it ammo types or various styles shooting and will continue posting, reading post, answering post . your post was I guess just a overreaction , which resulted in me advising you about my experience and ways around firearms. Perhaps you may you may been more events happen to you and been trained more then me, But I know I am pretty good and safe very safe under normal conditions, and experienced to deal with surprises in most cases handle the situation hopefully in my favor lol. Have a good day, got to go the pizza man ringing the bell ,, lol
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Postby snke_doctr » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:39 am


Quite a reply! I keep more than one hangun readily accessable to me in my house, while I'm awake & @ night, I just don't see the need to carry one on me around the house as I have an alarm system & dogs as well, to alert me when "visitors" are near the house. Maybe I'm better prepared than others, maybe not.

I didn't intend to make you so defensive.
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