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Postby digitalcobra » Wed May 09, 2007 11:25 pm

I have seen you guys post about the S&W 642 numerous times, and I am torn. I am really looking for a nice lightweight carry gun. Currently I have a G19, but I want something smaller and lighter. I was looking at the Kahr PM9, I just refuse to pay that much. Then I was hung up on the G26, but concerned about the ability of just slipping it in the pocket, hey I love Glocks, but the safety concerns me. The 642 w/ ct grips really caught my eye, and I have been going back and forth.

Help me out here guys, Ive got money to burn, a ccw permit, and I can't seem to make up my own mind...what is the best you have found, own, or want out there stock and out of the box?
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Postby tigwelder56 » Thu May 10, 2007 12:14 am

The S&W 642 is very nice reliable revolver, the addition of the CT grips adds a nice touch too. You're going to be spending between $600-700 for the combination. The things to consider are the number of rounds the revolver will carry, which is 5 versus any number of semi automatics that will provide you with three times that number. The 642 is an Airweight frame and since it's a 38 Special you're really limiting the type and different kinds of ammo for the gun. I'm not sure I would want to feed it a steady diet of +P loads either due to the Airweight frame. The 38 Special isn't your hottest defense load either. Kind of weak really. If this is going to be your only gun I'd seriously consider a stronger cartridge. If you are set on buying a revolver I would strongly suggest you purchase something in 357 Magnum, and a 40 or 45 in a semi auto. I'm a big fan of all the Glock handguns but all the big name manufacturers have something in their inventory that would suit your purpose well. If you're looking for a concealable weapon you have to decide how you want to carry it. You don't want to buy something too big to be comfortable with. I have several handguns and always have something I can carry regardless of my choice of clothing that day. I have a Glock 23 that I carry in an IWB holster and have a Fobus pancake for it too. When I don't want to carry something that size I've got a 38 Spc. Taurus revolver, an AMT 380 acp Back Up, Seecamp 32 acp, Beretta 21A and 950 in 25 acp and a NAA mini revolver 22LR. So you see I've got something for every occasion. The small auto's all fit really nicely into a pocket in a moments notice which makes them very handy. The most important thing is to buy a gun that you'll use and not leave it at home because it doesn't work with your clothing. The best gun you can have is the one you have with you. The size of the bullet can be summed up like this, if you're worried about caliber in a concealed pistol I like the saying that "Shot placement trumps caliber everytime". All three guns you have listed in your post would be nice guns and would serve you well. Go into your local shop and get a feel for the pistols that interest you. You may find that something you're considering doesn't even fit your hand well. You're doing the right thing though by researching before you buy. It'll save you some possible disappointment down the road. And remember, you get what you pay for. DO NOT buy a cheap piece of crap like a Lorcin, Bryco, a High Point. They aren't dependable and are very prone to failure. I hope you can make sense out of some of this!! Let me know if I can help. There are lots of knowledgeable people here, you'll get plenty of assistance, trust me!LOL... Check out this picture, type it in by hand or it won't work:

http://seecamp.com/seecamp-034.jpg it'll give you a quick size comparison. I have the same guns, different models but same size, I do own the Seecamp though.

Good luck!

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