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Ruger Blackhawk .45LC

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Ruger Blackhawk .45LC

Postby CONT2 » Wed Feb 21, 2007 7:53 pm

In my quest to replace the departed AMT, I stumbled across a .45LC Blackhawk. I know, thats a long way from the .380 but I really like the feel of this revolver. I think it has a 5bbl, not positive but it was nicely balanced in my hand.

The salesman pulled it out of the rear of the case and was just showing it to me, not to sell but to tell me that he was planning on putting it on layaway. Thats why it was in the back of the case where customers couldnt see it.

He works there so Im sure its sitting in the safe with his name on it. For $279.00, I wouldve gotten it myself.

Any opinions on this gun?
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