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CZ52,Taurus PT1911, Glock 21, Steyr M9

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CZ52,Taurus PT1911, Glock 21, Steyr M9

Postby bigdon » Mon Nov 06, 2006 4:15 am

First let me tell al about the CZ52. I had my gunsmith duracote two guns I purchased and changed out the old firing pins, springs ,etc. Awesome pitol, accurate, powerful at 95 grain bullet at 1591 fps! Worth the expense, and this gun rocks! Bought the new Taurus PT 1911. My buddy buys nothing but custom guns, and he was impressed. Traded a FN-FAL for a Taurus PT 1911 and I have have not one bit of buyers remorse.

One last comments on Glock 21s. I had another friend did a three pound trigger conversion, and polished the feed ramp. This gun shot smoother than a babys butt, and what fun.

Also if no one has shot a Steyr M9, or the M40 please either rent it or buy it. Ergonomics, function, and neat drop safety really surpasses the Glocks. They all go boom, shot better than me, and easy to clean. Being American is great!
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Postby focus » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:05 am

Taurus PT1911:

Thinking about a 45acp? Want a very accurate, very well made handgun that is easy on the wallet? Look closely at a PT1911: Buy one and you will smile when you look at it, Smile when you shoot it and smile when you know that a custom gun that may shoot as well as the PT1911 will cost you around $1,500.00 more than a new PT1911.

How well does it shoot? First of all, my PT1911 feeds LSWC handloads with absolutely no problems; no misfeeds period. With the right load it will easily do less than a 2 inch, five shot group at 25 yards. An old Lyman accuracy load of 6 grains of Unique and a 200 grain LSWC bullet, Fed. primers, W.W. brass does it for me.

I have had many pricey and varied 45acps over the years. This PT1911 will match up with any of them, including Gold Cup 45acps, which used to be the standard for excellence.

Just wanted to pass the good word on the PT1911 to interested readers.

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Postby CONT2 » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:30 am

youre right . A comparible gun with all the customization that comes standard on the pt 1911 would be right at the figure you said. I wanted to get one back in December but the shop couldnt find one. I opted for the Ruger P345 because I like the reputation of Ruger and it was available. The guy at the shop ordered it for me and I paid well under $500 .

Im very happy with the Ruger but this summer, when theyre available in every shop, Ill get myself one. The stainless model wont be available until July. Ill be ready...
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