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Deposit Is Down On New Taurus PT 24/7 Pro - 9

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 12:13 am
by ZAC123
Hey All. Have been looking at this one for a wile so went to see it,WOW. I love the feel of it, the size is nice and it looks good to. The price was of concern - pretty cheep made me wonder why! The lock on the side is slick and I like the Heinie Straight Eight sights. I been a 45 semi-auto man for the last 15 years, reloading my own all the time, but since getting my first 9mm a few months back and likeing it I have wanted another and this one was it. I had the S&W 4506, the Glock 21 and now have the Sig-GSR-45 and the Baretta 92-FS/9 . I been reading all I can about the Taurus and those who have or had the Feed Problems with the 24/7s. The reviews on the 9mm sounded OK but I will not know for sure untill I hear the BANG. Hope to take it home soon, will let ya all know how it works out. Take care all...

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:16 pm
by ZAC123
I have the PT 24/7,9mm now for 9 days and 600 rounds of 115gr Magtech ammo. It has workd perfect so far and not one missfeed or jam. I went to the range tonight and ran through it 150 rounds of older mixed Mfgr rounds and all was fine. It seems to spit out fine what ever I feed it. I started out at 10Yds and it shot 4 low and 5 right of bullseye.The low was me not being used to the Straight 8 sights but I did have to move the rear sight .022 to the left to bring it on center. These are my first straight 8 sights and Im not liking them to much yet but Im keeping an open mind and am not giving up yet. I did take out my Midway USA book and call all the sight Mfgrs to see who makes something that will fit the dove-tail, ya know what? No one does- Holy Crap!! I am not happy with that. I may want an adjustable sight for it but this is a problem. All my phone calls payed off though. I found a place in Long Island NY, called Majesti Arms and spoke to Dino for a bit. He said they can use a fully adjustable rear sight- the low profile TPU series by Precision Sales International, LLC , and for 80 bucks they will mill the sight to fit the dove-tail on the slide. I may do this but am not rushing into it. I have been shooting at more distance little by little to get a feel for the gun and I am doing pretty good now. Now for my experience calling taurus in Floriday; it was the pitts!! Holy cow- on hold for ever then being disconnected many times and when I did get someone and asked about different sights one person cut me off and told me to just send the gun in and they will look at it. I do not really need to do that. I had to call back and get someone that would talk with me and get some info for me if there were other sights that would work that they new about. That answer was no! All that aside, the gun is nice . I ran some very fast combat style shooting through it as I made my way to the different stations on the range. I droped the steel fall down men fast and rang the steel plates easy at the next station and weather from standing or kneeling or on my belly I did hit my mark and it shot well and that is all the counts. So Im happy with the gun and am now tooling up to reload my own 9mm rounds like I do with my 45s. This is my story and Im sticking to it. LOL. Take care all......

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:21 am
by rfd339
i owned both 24/7 and in .45acp, both worked well until the rear sites started to spin. thats before the pros came out .over all they were nice and good feeling pistols but u could only use stock ammo ,no corbon or high pressure stuff. sold them both for a glock23 .

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:40 pm
by hershey
you wont be dissapointed, my 24/7 in 45acp goes w/ me everywhere the law will let me take it. for the money it is an exceptional gun.