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Postby tigwelder56 » Sat Aug 04, 2007 2:14 am

I would seriously consider the attorney angle. You can search your local area for free legal aid. Often there are groups available for small claim issues like yours. If you can get him into court one way or another, the other charges will be presented to the court. You may have to pay a small retainer for them or another attorney/shark but you can then turn around and sue him in small claims for what you're owed plus attorney's fees. When he can't pay you, but I'm thinking by then he'll know he's in deep shit and will come up with it to avoid being held up. I think the whole idea is to get him in the door of lady justice and he's going to end up spending a long time in a 6 X 10 foot room! With any luck. As for the investigative reporters, I think the liberal media will love reporting about an ammunition supplier gone wild that is stealing everyones money and ammunition. The fact that you can't get any legal assistance from federal law enforcement agencies may also spark their interest. It's a Republican administration and they aren't providing the help you need. They might use their liberal slant to make them look bad. It's an election year, they're looking for ways to bring up issues pertaining to Constitutional rights. It's just a matter of stirring up the pot and seeing what happens. Fact of the matter is you did nothing wrong and you can't get the help you need to get this guy. You're a tax paying American and you deserve the right to law enforcement representation to catch a multiple felony criminal. All you need to get is your foot in one door. Once they see what this guy is doing, his butt is cooked. You'll be able to get sworn statements from the others you've been in touch with to support your case. I'm sure you're just getting tired of all the bullshit. But isn't it worth a few more phone calls?
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