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Re: Torn between 1911's

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:44 pm
The Citadel 6 + 1 Round 45 ACP Compact w/3.5" Barrel/Blue Finish would be a decent entry level for the 1911 'all steel' compact version for about $480. They also make a 5 inch bbl 8+1 for about $485.

About the best option in that price range would be a Rock Island Armory for about $405. with a 'mil-spec' version for around $425. both in .45acp.

Personally I would choose the Springfields over the Taurus in the 1911 category.

My favorite 'carry' 1911 is the Colt Defender, SS, 3.5 inch bbl, 22 oz, 7+1, with extremely accurate 3 dot sights; retail is about $950. new.
If not for carry, than the Colt Government 5 inch bbl would be my pick.

For 1911s I'd rate:
1, Colt
2. Sig
3. Springfield
4. Kimber & Taurus?. IMHO

My favorite non-1911 in .45acp is still my Taurus Millineum Pro PT145 with 10+1 mags at about 21 oz. with a cost of around $370. They also make a nice single stack (PT745) 6+1 for extra concealment. (depending where you're at)
They also make some great 9mms
The Ruger 345 .45acp is worth a look, if you can find one.

For any new sidearms (especially Taurus), field strip & clean the thing and then, clean it again.