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    While rummaging through my small barn,

    not so long ago...

    I came accross a complete blacksmiths' set

    of tools ; Anvil, hammers, tongs, vices,

    quenching tanks and a pile of steel billets...

    Everything 'cept the forge.

    That I've got to make.

    And I shall- health permitting...

    I just finished setting up part of my 'apprentice smithys'

    shop; A nice, heavy- yet small enough-

    caststeel stand (with a caststeel tool plate attached

    to its side) for the anvil... just at the perfect height

    for hammering from my wheelchair/walker...

    Also a six foot long steel work-table- and the holes in the

    table fit the vice perfectly...

    Maybe way back when, this was a set...

    Everything's antique... My barn has a lot of stuff

    in it...However, I only explore, when I feel

    up to it...

    Gotta get a few books on knife-making,

    though the stuff on the 'net is quite


    I've drawn-up a few plans for some blades

    that mix Chakka Zulus' assagi spear with

    Jim Bowies' knife- What is interesting is

    the "Second" applies to bladed arms as well

    as with guns.

    These commie party-pigs in gov't...have been lying

    and passing shit-laws...

    All along!

    Fuggum...I'm making any blade I see fit!

    "...shall not be infringed-

    no matter what those damn communists

    puke-out their foul deranged fraudulent mouths.

    I cast my farts before them...

    A note of advice...

    If one has a bad back... Have someone

    else pick up your anvil!

    It still hurts...
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    Have you gotten around to making anything yet? It'd be cool to see what you have made.

    Keep us updated.....