Winchester 1897 12 ga pump

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    Oops. Misread the make on the receiver. I have all the chokes. The gun is in good condition. I used to shoot it as a kid. Inerited from grand dad. Need some background. No wonder I couldn't find anything on Remington 1897!
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    What is barrel lenght? Winchester made the Mod-97 in several barrel lenghts and versions. The M-97 (Shorty 20" barrel) trench/riot gun, was the military version of the mod 97 w/ commerical high polish blue. It was also produced in nickle-steel (rare).The Mod-97 was the first Winchester shotgun chambered in 2 3/4" smokeless ammo. The special order, 30" 32" and 36" barrels, command a much higher collectable value, and of course the nickel-steel version is the most sought after model-97, w/ the longer barrel lenghts. Later. Nohub