Who should be a Moderator?

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    g4life, good to hear from you again.
    Now that you can't afford to shoot anymore, you will have time for us, here on the site.

    Update: I got ahold of several of our old members & let 'em know what we are trying to do here. We just gotta get as much of the old gang and new members in here as possible.

    It doesn't have to be an everyday commitment.

    Lotsi & Tig, you guys did a great job putting new posts on top of the really old ones... it really makes the site look active & 'up-to-date' with the posts having a 2013 date. Especially on the front page of the community section.

    We are making progess.
  2. armyE8

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    Hey GO and TIG,

    Finally found my way here. So, fill me in on what's going on and how I can help. Moderator??? I've never done anything like that before. As a 1SG I took care of my Company and the CO was always pleased. Like you guys, I'm also a good "worker bee". Being a retired LEO, I was a good enforcer if that makes any difference. I just need to know the mission. What can I do to help?

    We're here 20 miles South of Tampa Florida and contenmplating a final move back to Kerrville, TX. We've done quite a bit of moving since retiring form the Army, trying to find a comfortable place to squat. Looks like we should have stayed in Kerrville. Well, you know the old saying "You get too old too quick and too smart too slow". Anyway, let me know and you can always catch me at r4th@aol.com. Until then...........Be safe!!


  3. Steve

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    Quite a few new members joined over the weekend.

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    Good to see you on here Armye8, Its good we kept in touch so I could get you over here.
    Need your help.
    First, we need to get as many members back on the site as possible and have them recruit some others. I've talked to some others who will be along shortly, if they haven't made it yet.
    I was busy yesterday, 14 inches of snow with 10 more coming now.

    Next, we need to get a lot of these posts updated and keep the site humming with activity, so we can get our visitors to 'sign up'.
    It was worse last week, but now we are getting the old posts replied to, so the Topic shows a post date in 2013. (many were last posted in 2007, 2008, etc., looked like a dead site)

    I would expect folks to start joing now that we have come alive.

    You are an old-timer and I expect we will be needing several Mods, in the near future, to protect the site around the clock.
    I would like to see Mods who post everyday and are active on the site.

    We need to welcome new members when they post and get their questions answered ASAP, I've helped a few new folks recently, so I expect them to be returning.
    I will try to be on here every afternoon, answering old posts and making some new ones.

    If you have any ideas for improvements, post them right here. Like we need Avatars, etc.
    Glad you're here Ron, you are a 'Right-Minded-American', just the kind of person we need around here.

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    I think we need a Topic dedicated to New Members introducing themselves and telling the site members about themselves, why they joined, type of firearms interested in, info needed, questions, comments, experience, knowledge, etc.

    Also, one of the most active Topics on most forums is "General Discussions", which are often divided into specific groups.
    It seems everyone has a LOT to say thesedays, but not enough sites to express their thoughts, opinions, etc.
    I visit these sites daily, myself. We need this here.

    Just sayin'.

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