What is a good concealed carry?

Discussion in 'Concealed Carry' started by fredandbarry, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. eddbrowne

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    You might not want the correct info on the pic.

    The gun (and key) went in from the lower end.

    This method is common for drugs, gang notes,

    and various contraband; passed in visitor rooms

    from someone willing to risk a felony conviction.

    Guns should be in "safe" mode, pointing "downrange".

    Try this only if you are a federal agent riding with bikers.

    And if stopped by leo, you must declare the weapon,

    if not also produce the weapon.

    Now that key .... ?
  2. Doriadiver

    Doriadiver Well-Known Member

    Might be the key to his/her heart, though it appears a bit lower ... anatomically speaking. Alas, the mind is a terrible thing.


    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    I was at a Max Security Pen when I lived up north & was on duty. I entered through the infirmary and they had a prisoner lying ther, chained to a gurney.

    I asked.

    Nurse said he got a full size orange stuck up there while doing typical convict "stretching" exercizes.

    Some folks really need to be locked up.
  4. Doriadiver

    Doriadiver Well-Known Member

    Sorry, locking em up is a complete waste of my taxes! I'm a jaded old man that has seen way too much shit in this world.
  5. electricman4759

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    I have two CCW'S, my Kimber .45 Ultra Carry for work and out with the boys, then my P238 Sig Sauer .380.

    The reason I carry the Kimber is because alot of the time I work by myself and there is no back up so I need the most at one time.

    Then on the weekend when I am with my wife and daughter I will carry the Sig P238, because my wife would have her .38 Ruger as back up. So there will be two fire arms so I can step down a little. Plus I want to look nice on the weekend and the Sig goes better with slaks and golf shirts.
  6. crzyjarmans

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    although people have diffrent taste in weapons,I'll suggest you go to a gun store and feel around to see what fits you best,personally,I love my springfield 1911 ultra compact
  7. wallyiv

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    My wife loves her ruger gp100 like no other, but she wants a carry weapon. I have the little brother sp101, but she doesn't like the trigger pull because its dao. She likes how the new ruger lc9 "looks". Any suggestions for ccw?
  8. judgeparker

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    My wife really loves her Ruger SR9c. Shoots good very reliable and accurate.
  9. MightyFoFaad

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    If you're strong enough to hold on to it, & don't mind not having an external hammer, I would recommend the Taurus PT145. It's only 6" long, light, very well made & reasonably priced. Some folks have an issue with the recoil of a .45 apc, however, I always tell my students, recoil is something you feel at the shooting range. It won't be an issue with someone closing in on your head with a baseball bat.
  10. GOANRA

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    The Taurus Millenium Pro PT145 (.45acp) is on of my favorite carries. 10+1 capacity, 21 oz very concealable and a bargain at $370. I've run a few hundred +Ps through mine with no issues.
    I know 2 Pros that carry this sidearm.
    It is always in my console, even when I'm carrying my Colt Defender or something else.

    Be sure to field-strip it & clean the grease out, then clean it again, put 200 rounds of decent ammo through it, before you call it good... just like any sidearm.
    If its not flawless after 200 rounds, fix it or ditch it, whatever the Manufacturer.

    Some like the Taurus P-11 (10+1) in 9mm, if you don't mind a long trigger pull. Easy conceal.