What firearm would be good for me?

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by Stealthgrl26, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I think so too, robalan....tap, tap, tap...is this thing on?

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    It is BECAUSE of the necessity to protect the Glock trigger that I would not recommend a first time gun owner starting with a Glock. Like Tig said, "you damn well better listen to people in the know!!! This isn't a "sport" when you're dealing with peoples lives, including your own..."

    Why steer a first time gun owner in this direction where the slightest deviation from the accepted safe norm could require a trip to the hospital for a friend, family or gun owner, or worse yet, a trip to the morgue?

    I remember my first gun. I wanted to handle it, play with it, take it down, put it back together again, etc. Granted the ONLY safe way to do this is to empty the cylinder or remove a loaded magazine, but what happens if you forget? What happens if you forget whether the gun is in a locked and loaded condition when it was set down the last time?

    This is one reason I prefer a hammer on a pistol. It is clear at a glance whether it is in a dangerous, ready to fire condition. I think it is irresponsible to direct a first time gun owner to a gun that can present issues in inexperienced hands.

    Take down is something I did not read about below. The Taurus 92 is the way to go for you Stealthgirl. It is a breeze to take down, and the 92 has none of the aforementioned worries about safety.

    Happy shooting.

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    I think the Glock would be a fine first handgun. I don't hold to the belief that the Glock trigger makes the pistol somehow more dangerous than a pistol with a hammer. I would bet that there have been more negligent discharges with hammered pistols than with Glocks. Safety is the first and most important part of gun ownership, regardless of what gun you buy. With proper training in gun safety all guns can be handled safely. Without it, any gun is dangerous.
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    Wow guys thx so much for all your input! It's been so helpful! I bought my first rifle! It's so nice it's a Marlin .22. I filled out all the paperwork for the first time it was a great experience, found out the FBI isn't looking for me, bought my first cartridge of ammo, walked across the hall and let that paper perpetrator have it! It was great!
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    Did you get the Marlin Model 60? Nice rifle and one that should last you forever!! Good luck with it and be sure to stay safe in your future shooting endeavors :D
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    Good for you. Have fun and let us know how you are doing with your new found hobby.
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    That's a can of worms, first, what type of firearm are you interested in, then how much can you afford? and what is the intended purpose of its use? as you can see, the possibility's seem endless, but there is a "right" gun for everyone, just state your needs.

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    Funny there.

    Girl was deciding between a Taurus PT-92/99, Springfield XD Tactical, or a Glock 34.

    She chose a Marlin .22 rifle. Was there ever any doubt? LOL

    This is my first visit back to this site in (7 months?) and my post count is still way up there... that Silverado ad & "Reputation Score" must have chased a lot of folks away.
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    Welcome back!!!