Want to buy 22 cal. Concealed Carry Semi-Auto pist

Discussion in 'Website Help' started by nilesboy, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. nilesboy

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    I want to buy a semi auto pistol. Would like to hear from owners as to their experience with models they have used. Please tell me the pro and con of their weapon. Am thinking about a Baretta Bobcat, Taurus PT-22, and Sig Sauer Mosquito. Would be open to purchase any of these or if someone has a better suggestion. Thanks in advance to any of you who answer my request.
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    I have a Taurus PT-22 It's fun to plink at things but it will only piss off the one you might have to use it on. Don't go for a 22,25,32, smallest you should go would be a 380. Look at the Sig P238 small with a little punch power. It's best for a backup piece. Then think hard about a Glock 26 (Baby Glock) Easy to break down for cleaning, simple to use, point and fire.Three built in safeties.