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    Would anyone happen to have any info Re: this newer(?) Walther Compact PS Pistol? (Either the 9 or the 40) It looked a bit better and a lot less "Glock Like" when I saw it at the Range, but the only pic I can find here looks very Glock like. Could there possibly be another Model not shown here?

    What I'm wondering about mainly is it's reliability. I have had a bad experience with a S&W made PPKS as far as Jamming goes, and wonder if this S&W made Pistol shares the same characteristics? The only answer I got at the Range was, "Well it's a 9/40mm, not a .380!" Implying it's better, but they are only Salespeople looking to sell anything they profit most on. It's rated well in your Forum, but only owners know for sure after a couple Thousand Rounds!

    I now carry a Glock 9mm, but it's too big and digs into my Back when in the Car or sitting etc. This Walther (What I saw anyway) was much thinner, as it carried less Rounds and would be much more comfortable to Carry. I really didn't like the Price Tag, as it was over $700.00, and I am sure a Glock is Very Reliable at a lower Price, which is most important sans comfort where I know nothing about this Poly/Steel Weapon.

    Any Info would be Greatly Appreciated!

    Thank You!

    Gloc9mm (Bob)
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    I carry a Glock 23 compact .40 with no issues. My recomendation is to look at the holster you are using before moving away from that very fine Glock. Try Comp-Tac inside the waiste band holsters. You will instantly love carrying that Glock, no matter what situation you are in.


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    No, I had no intentions of ever getting rid of my Glock. I have had it for Yrs. W/O even a sneeze! It's been perfect through Thousands of Rounds. Never 1 FTF or FTE, but since losing weight I just find it less comfy to Carry. I took a look at the Site you mentioned, but all Handles are still totally exposed which is my main problem. That's why I asked if anyone knew anything about this new Walther PS in either 9mm or 40 Cal. Basically the Handle is probably just about the same size, but I only saw the 9mm as they had no 40 Cals in Stock. Unfortunately the Range I use do not Rent any Guns except for Glocks. I just don't want to blow $700+ and end up with another PPKS reliability wise! Smith really ruined a Great Gun as it was when Interarms made them!

    Thank's, Bob