Walther PPK/S Reviews

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    ..."@" !?! (ain't 'U-Toob,' here...)

    ...heh,heh. I like a gun which has been living within my pocket...full of lint...dust...pocket junk...dirty-as-though-its-been-in-hell itself! So-oo...

    If attacked: The gun shall fire when I pull the trigger; Even if I'm struggling and the damn thing is covered and soaked with the debris and blood one gets massed with in a fuggin' street-fight...

    ... or bull-shit the assailant until he/she leaves me- so I don't have to deal with any d.a.s' legalistic nonsense.

    One keeps a competition piece spotless.It's always good to keep 'em snuff...

    However, combat...is dirty. Once the weapon is zeroed and the cartridge is set... that piece begins a life of living in a holster, pocket or fanny-pac- No matter how dirty or dropped-in-mud... That pistol must work- or... y'ih gonna die... or get fucked-up, bad.

    I've always believed two cold facts about pistols:

    1) twas taught by my ol' Army weapons training sergeant...

    "Don't trust in your firearm 100%: Because your firearm was: Made by the 'Hand O' Man!' and everything made by the 'Hand O' Man,' fucks-up!"

    "So remember to keep your bayonet sharp, within reach... And your knuckles ready."

    2) If a any gun doesn't work to the standard of a Colt 1911 0r 1917 .45 Auto... that gun sucks.

    For me these are two to live [and] survive by.

    Because survival is the end game

    Gotta do with what I have and wish for nothing...and not sit on my ass whining about it.

    I couldn't do what I wanted w/ a Colt .45: Too heavy.

    Went for the PPk- 'cause it had what I needed...

    The problem was that at the time...'Time' was not on my side... So I went with the publicity and bought the PPk...dammit! Why, why-yy didn't I buy that Ruger SP101? ..."cause it'd stick out 'looking like a gun' in my pocket at work!" Fuggin' "James Bond" influence... Well I know better now... However, I'm not all that wealthy at present... Never was, really. Which is why I fix things myself. Much as my Granddad and my father had to during the depression...

    ...'man's gotta do what he's gotta do. ...'specially now.

    We're back to where we-- As a nation-- were in 1936!! "Progressives?" My American Celtic ass!!

    Sure... my mistakes were expensive- to a 'wheel' small degree, though... However that is my problem... not anyone else's.

    Mine. My property: The existing evidence of my failure, lesson and progression, theoretically and applied,

    within the fine art of one school in the college of the metallurgical sciences...

    Yes, I AM certifiably crazy... Why argue over the "Truth"? The truth is always crazy.

    Again, one must do with what one possesses. I cannot, and even back then, could not pay a gunsmith or afford a lathe, milling machine-- the cutters, bits or form tools. to correct the PPks' shortcomings... Hell I cant even afford a &^@#! cheap-o "Made in China" arc welder: Tithes & Family first...

    I am not "inept." or "mindless."

    Just crazy. Think: an "Evil Roy Slade" "Wright Brother."

    He wanted to fly... As for I? -I'm just trying to get by the best I can. Which is rather, even all the more difficult, presently...

    The Walther PPk(which I own) and the PPk/S that are

    U.S. produced-- whether by the former maker, Interarms or the present, Smith & Wesson-- are a chance taken: The French produced PPk-- is a different handgun over the U.S. product!

    The U.S. pistol is a combination of specs from two different designs of handgun: The PP & PPk; Their(Walthers') easy way around Clintons' asinine law pertaining to calibre/weights of imported handguns.

    Pure "Nazi."

    So-oo, they are two different pistols: European; which have few problems and American; which works poorly-- because of socialist[why isn't the US Marshal and Marines arresting them?]party and post WW2-Nazi(Soros) regulations!!
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    @ SittingMoose


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    you got a good point moose... not to worry, i trust God over my gun any day.
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    have you used the .380 FMJ 'wolf performance ammo or +p'? what makes them so high value and special?

    also, what do you consider cheap ammo? i strive to stay above $29.00 for .380acp?
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    ...MightyFoFaad... No. Azzamattauhfact, I 'feel' terrible. And I think things are gonna be a pain-in-the-ass. My ability to work the anvil is gonna be limited to probably one blade. I'd hoped the steroid injections th' doc gave me woulda helped... Alas, not as I'd wanted... Abated a lotta pain tho'. But 'swingin' the hammer' at my forge-- Yeow! Impacting the anvil-- $@#&*%!!hurts!! God. I'd give a seasoned rams' left testicle for a power-hammer!!

    The hassle is: I must do all this from a laying position on mats in one of them CT Tractor store garden-wagon...

    The knife I'm making will be a Damascene Bowie made from the old cylinder of my S&W M586-- Which was the victim of too much stock-removal in a chamfering-job gone bad...(never said a Dremel actually replaced a milling-machine)...and 6 tool-steel chisels fitted into each chamber... I'll let the pattern develop as I draw-out the billet. I may twist it in th' vice for a Caduceus effect... w/o pissin' off the spirit of Aesculapius too much.

    The handle of sugar maple(NY off. tree), brass guard, rivets, copper wire and brass pommel... Gonna be a little something to remind my kids of my existence after I'm outta here...

    This Blade, M586 Smithy .357 a 'refined' Davis .380 and my made trusty PPk; "Sting", so sculpted, are to hopefully remain w/'em ...

    Otherwise...it gives me something to do...


    I've found the Winchester SXT Personal Defence .380, 95gr. JHP- for myself, the best 'carry' cartridge... If, they can be found... They're like the Black Talon... Makes the .380 hit hard!

    Cuts a big hole after penetrating bad-guy clothing...

    The next best are Federal Hydra-Shok JHP Personal Defence .380, 90gr. JHP.


    Walther advises not to use +p or +p+ loads through the PPk...

    I'll take their word for it... The Yankee PPk has troubles enough...

    I've been shooting those Remington umc 95gr. ball for target...

    The .380 would work well for re-loadin' I'd think...
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    @ SittingMoose ...

    What we have here, is a failure to communicate. LOL.

    Sorry, but what I was referring to, was you, letting off steam in your 3:16 PM post on 6/25/2011. :)
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    Just a quick update on the Walther PPK/s .380 that I have.

    After a slight polish on the load ramp, some new grips and alot of attention to the oiling, The Pistol only jammed 1 time out of 100 rounds. I think that a little more use will "break in" this lil Pistol. WIll I buy another Walther ? No. I do not feel the price paid for this Pistol warranted the cheaper quality I have experienced. I would have been happy to pay $100 more had the Quality been there. Of all the Pistols I have, This Walther is the only one that has Jamming problems. I have tried mulitple different loads and it seems that Hornaday are the ultimate choice for the Walther PPK/S.

    I guess I will put it in the back of my gun safe & tell my Grandchildren.. "Thats what James Bond used" Im afraid that I cannot trust my Life to the unreliability of the Walther.

    Hopefully in the future Smith & Wesson will bring the Walther back to the prestige it once had.
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    @ SittingMoose ... yeah I know it's not YouTube.

    As I said before, your 3:16PM post on 6/25 sounded like a rant ... like you were getting some crap off your chest ... I thought that was funny; the way you sounded so angry. (*)

    So when I said "Feel better?" I meant it like ... now that you've got that off your chest ... do you feel better now? :)

    (*) You know, like an angry "Letter to the Editor."
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    I thought you both wrote very informative posts! I have noticed Moose just requires a bit more reading in his! lol

    The PPK(s) is probably one of the more popular weapons on the market due to the "Sir James" movies, especially with newer gun users today.

    It's a beautiful, sexy gun, and I loved the Interarms PPK I had owned many yrs ago. I never had any problems with it.

    Unfortunately I sold it and later regretted doing so.

    I didn't belong to any sites like this at the time, (Hell, I've only owned a Computer for about 3 yrs now! lol) and I purchased a new PPK's and never even realized it was then, and now being produced by S&W till after purchase.

    (Now that I'm retired I pay closer attention to details. I never was one for researching anything, If I liked it I bought it! I didn't intend to carry it so I was even less attentive. It was more of an impulse buy at a Show)

    Anyway, after shipping it back to Smith several times for FTE/FTL problems and them never quite fixing it correctly, it now resides in my Safe and hasn't seen daylight now in yrs.

    When I think of the weapons that I own that one just seems to skip my mind, I tend to blank out costly errors! lol

    At the time every other person I spoke with that had one was experiencing the same problems. I have no idea if S&W has improved the design since, (Why they messed with it I'll never know??) but it was/is the least reliable weapon I have ever purchased.

    Still happy to own it just for it's looks, but I realize not everyone can afford to do things like that so I figured I'd add my story!
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    @ Gloc9mm ... Hate to tell you this, but the feed/eject problems you're having with the PPKs may be "YOU" & not the gun. For some strange reason, that PPKs has a hellava kick for it's size & cartridge (380). In fact, that little bastard seems to kick harder than my Taurus PT145 which is a .45 acp. ???

    The point is, if you are not holding the gun tight enough & it rotates in your hand on recoil ... you are actually dampening the force of the recoil needed to properly cycle the gun. It doesn't take much.

    Take the gun out of your safe & go back to the range. Start off by holding onto the gun with 2 hands tightly, while also exerting a downward force on the table = so the gun can not move up and/or back.

    You may find your feed/eject problems have magically disappeared! Also, to start with, use ball ammo. Thereafter, you can work on your grip, once you're aware of the problem. Good luck.
  11. Gloc9mm

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    Thanks, I read what you wrote in a past post. I have actually tried that and just about everything else I can think of with it. I had no problem with the PPK, so if it were that I'd assume I would have no problem here?? I did have a problem with a Beretta in the past with that happenning though.

    It's really no big deal, I normall carry either my Glock, 1911 or a Ruger Wheel.
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    @mightyfofaad... ...man this sucks. Can't get too pissed ennymore... Th' cardio-plumbin's beginnin' to act up! ...just can't get th' breaks... Th' doc desires that I tone it down a few notches. Funny, how we all here are fairly agreed upon the martial-preparedness of the armed citizen under the great Second Amendments' protections...However, Ma Nature has a Martial Plan of her own... ...and she always, 'wins'. Ma never waits for any congressional approval- or, ennyone elses'- for the matter. So's I gots ta give my raving rants a rest for a while...possibly a lo-oong while... However, this way, I may still sneak-in a beer & a fine Habanos or Romeo & Julietta(short Churchill) every now'n'then...
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    Can a person purchase the WALTHER PPK/S 380 ACP ENGRAVED and use it to shoot instead of just keeping it as a collector gun? Is there any reason a person couldn't keep and use this as a gun to take to the range and shoot all the time?
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    Hey, can anyone help me out with an ongoing PPK/S problem? Interarms gun from early 80's. Problem is a type of FTF. It appears the loaded chamber indicator pin ends up on top of the case when the slide is closing, causing a jam. Seems to happen with FMJ as much as with HP. Hotter ammo seems to work a little better. I have a few hundred rounds through it, and it may work better, but still seems to happen at least once a box, used to happen every other mag. I keep it super clean and well lubed. Love the gun, but it is not reliable enough for carry. Next step I was going to try was Wolff springs. Any thoughts? Thanks!