Walther P99 QA Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by PETER_QC1, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. mthasty

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    ACPGUY, I have bought quiet a few guns since I acquired my S&W 99 but I keep coming back. I love the trigger and it is %100 reliable. Magazines are now 8 years old but still strong. I guess I like the way it fits in hand and accuracy is all I can ask for. I have two Glocks, models 26 and 37...but it is still my go to gun.
  2. bullgumbo

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    I love this little gun - the 99c .40. Never had any issues with it. Fired it at 20 yards today and was nailing the bullseye repeatedly. It shot better than my HK's, which shoot pretty good already, compact 45 and regular size 40. Got some pop to it, but easy enough for me to control. Love the trigger pull and how the decocker works. Love the ergonomics of the grip. This is my favorite carry.

  3. eisen

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    i have 2 walther p99as ,this trigger system is unusual ,but very friendly when actually use it, these have a 3lb smooth break trigger,with moderate recoil in 40cal ,very controlable second shot even for my wife. this anti stress trigger system uses a decocker to relax the firing pin and sets the trigger to double action,there is no safety lever ,good for ccw in this state because if u need it quick it will go bang ,to get single action back just move the slide 3/4"or less , these have 3 factory supplied grip options which u select as u desire. extremely reliable 500+ rounds through each no malfunctions, great shooters ,these guns are keepers no matter what. very tight no rattles no noise, i use break free CLP to clean and lube these guns.
  4. Blaximus

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    Anybody looking for a P99c AS? I have one brand new, unfired. Thinking about selling it.