walther p-38

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  1. gulfcoast22

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    does anyone have realible info. on p-38 0 prefix, mg.in germany,1939
  2. smith6906

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    zero prefix means its a very early model of the P-38 wich was manufactured to replace the Luger pistol. production began in 1938 at the Zella-Mehlis and produced three series of "Test" pistols, designated by a "0" prefix to the serial number.

    with that being said. if you can buy this gun. DO IT! its not a production model its one of the test models they made and is worth quite a LARGE chunk of change.

  3. MightyFoFaad

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    P-38 ... replaced the Luger??? Oh crap, I thought you guys were talking about the P-38 Lightning, the twin engine fighter manufactured between 1941 & 1945 by Lockheed for the Army Air Corp ... never mind. LMAO :)