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Discussion in 'Buying/Selling' started by mikeydzz, Jun 11, 2010.

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    im trying to get a new gun and sled put a hold on the sale how long should or does it take to do a back ground check ? i have bin waiting a week now and every day its still on hold . i never bin convinced of a crime. so i dont know whats the deal i got a shot gun at 19 and walked out that day now im 25 and waiting waiting. is it just buying a handgun or is this just how it is today ?
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    When you make an application for a firearm and it's turned down, the law states that you have a right to know why it was denied, immediately. Somebody's messing with you. Make some calls and find out why. The person you tried to buy the pistol from is a good place to start.

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    One other thought. They may have put a hold on it if you have ever been arrested. Particularly if it was for domestic violence. One other reason for the delay is if you have ever had a "Protection Order" or "Restraining Order" filed against you. Outside of that, I have no clue why they have put a hold on it.
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    Were you delayed or denied?

    I'm not sure how the NICS checks really work and I cant get a good explaination. but here's what I've deduced...

    The likelyhood is NICS was down or backed up but in Ohio it seems they do holds at random or if your information matches closely to someone who has a less than stellar record or I'm sure a number of other reasons.

    Here, if your denied your done, they'll give you a # to call so you can find out the reason why.

    Holds can be as little as 10 minutes and some aren't ever dealt with but most are handled within 3 days. I believe theres a sunset clause that you can pick your gun up after x number of days if you havent been denied.

    I've been in the same boat as you. I've been delayed but never denied. It's a pain in the ass and annoying but in the end I still get my gun! Usually everything goes smoothly though and I walk out with my purchase on the spot.