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    Indeed......'course the desire for "weight for backpacking" kinda goes out the window. (72 oz.+ on the 460XVR and 56 oz.+ on the 500). Guess if you were to leave the tent, water and food behind, you could still hike around upright!

    Yep, with 2,000 lbs. plus of muzzle energy and 2,000 lbs. plus of velocity from the .460 (and similiar from the .500) you would ruin the afternoon of a salivating attacker......

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    hey white..question... what about penatration depth of .357 vs 10mm top of the line rds and i know you can buy off the shelf rds at 650#or more of energy.........

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    I don't know the answer to that one. I'd surmise that all things equal the 10 mm would do better.
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    An "expert" suggested the Ruger 100 series 5 shot in the 357 due to size and weight and possible jamming with the 10mm Glock 20 or any semi-auto. Is there really much difference in skull penetration between the two in black bear and cougar or is it all about down range number of bullets flying?
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    Wolf and cougar are "human" size animals, so rounds intended for personal defense against people will probably be OK, but bear are a bit different. They can be 300-400 lbs (two Black Bears that large killed in ME this year alone). Bears have very heavy skull structure, and lots of body fat at the right time of year. You need lots of penetration, and most auto rounds use light bullets relative to caliber. Revolvers have relatively heavy bullets available, so while I like .357 Sig, the readily available bullets are too light for bear in my opinion. A .357 Magnum on the other hand has 158 grain loads readily available in hunting oriented stores.

    Cougar are likely to attack you from behind and above and have you by the neck before you can react. Caliber is not an issue then. Your best defense is a pack with a high frame:)
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    The Ruger GP-100 series is a six shot revolver. With a big 158 grain Buffalo Bore or Black Hills load, you should be able to contend with any of them critters. I don't think you need to worry about wolves, unless you are injured. Big cats are right sneaky though. You can drop a Black Bear with a .357 if you can get good hits.

    What ever you get, practice practice practice. Become one with your side arm.
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    0 excellent advise......