Torn between 1911's

Discussion in 'New Gun Owners' started by J_JMangen, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I'm looking at buying my first pistol in the near future, about to be 21 and I'm planning on getting my concealed carry permit along with a pistol soon after my birthday. But I'm torn. I know I want a .45 ACP 1911 pistol, and I have about $700 to spend on it, give or take a bit. I'd like to spend around $500 though. But obviously you get what you pay for and I'm not gonna pay for trash now when I could wait a while and buy something much better.

    So Here's my dilemma, read a lot of good reviews and did plenty of research on two pistols, the Taurus 1911's (Haven't decided on a specific model) or the Springfield 1911's. Which company and which firearms would you trust more?

    As far as specifics go, I'm looking for a firearm to keep for home/car defense, and for shooting on the range for fun. Nothing super special yet, no competition and I don't live in a nearly bad enough neighborhood to be seriously concerned about Breaking and Entering or being assaulted. So my standards aren't super high (I don't have the money for that) but I would like a reliable, accurate, well built firearm. Also I would prefer steel over polymer.

    Any comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Sounds like you are not looking for a combat pistol to fight with if you are attacked, but more for range time and collecting/fun/hobby etc... If that is true and you are on a budget, Taurus makes good inexpensive weapons and .45 1911's are quite nice. Ammo is expensive though. Springfield is a good company also.

    If you are looking for a reliable combat fighting pistol for concealed carry, a Glock model 19 or Smith and Wesson M&P 9 are in my opinion the best. Stay with the 9mm for that purpose.

  3. J_JMangen

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    Yea I am primarily looking for a fun/hobby firearm right now. I really want to learn how to shoot, and to go shooting with my wife/father in law and my friends. And when I do get a firearm for concealed carry, something I'm going to carry on my person, it will probably be a 9mm.
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    My strategy was to buy whatever gun I wanted then tell my wife I needed a different one etc... That worked up until I got about a dozen or so, then she caught on.

    Have fun and best of luck with your shooting.
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    Spend a little more so you dont end up replacing parts. SAs that are assembled in US are fairly good performaers and SAs customer service seems to be getting better. I mostly like older Colts but purchased a 9mm SA loaded 1911 and after nearly 2000 rounds I am sold on quality. 45 has a better feel than any other round but ammo is expensive.
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    i like the new sr1911 by ruger good bang for the buck.......

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    Don't let price decide your quality. Stay in the middle, more or less.

    I've owned most every model... or known someone who has.

    After 35 years, my favorite .45acp is the Taurus Millenium PT145 Pro, 10+1, 21 ounces for CCW, accurate & reliable for the past 1000 rounds. The most concealable (for me).

    I wouldn't judge any semi prior to putting 200+ rounds through it, though.

    Also, all 1911s won't fit your hand the same.

    My paws are very thick, so I need a fairly thin grip.
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    Re: Torn between 1911's

    I've had an older Taurus PT1911 for some time now. It's very well machined. Tight tolerances, great performance, very reliable with almost all ammo.
    It's a great version of the 1911, many custom features. I installed Pachmayer grips (rosewood w/ rubber finger grooves on the front) and the fit and control for me is awesome.
    It's only weakness is the durability of the blued finish. It marks up pretty easily. It still looks great though, and a gun like this is easily refinished if desired.
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    Re: Torn between 1911's

    Hey Ag, how have you been buddy? Long time no see! The problem with Taurus for me has been easy to describe, you either get a good one that is very reliable or you get a problem child. I don't know how their customer service is currently but it hasn't been known for excellence. I've got a Colt Government Model Mk IV Series 70 1911 that I purchased in 1978. You couldn't ask for a better handgun! I mentioned to Lotsip that the Springfield XDm and the Glock 21 are also excellent choices and they won't cost you like a Kimber, Sig or an HK will. I'm waiting now to see what happens following this election. Prices skyrocketed following Obummer's election in 08. If he manages to do it again, I think things are going to turn very ugly...
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    Re: Torn between 1911's

    I personally like Springfield. Their customer service is rock solid and I have heard very few people have issues with their weapons to begin with. Also, I know you can customized 1911's a lot, but it is good to know that Springfield also has their own custom shop. Sometimes that can be a deciding factor as well.

    I haven't owned any Taurus's myself, but most of the ones I help seemed all right. Depending on who you talk to may give you different results, but I have heard Taurus customer service can be kind of hit and miss.

    To make a good suggestion on purchases we might need a bit more information. Have you looked at things like overall length, weight, and sites? All of these things come into play when looking at purchasing your first weapon. Too heavy you wont want to carry it, same thing is to be said if the weapon feels too long for concealment. For example some people can comfortably carry a 5 inch barrel but the next person might only want a 3.5 in barrel. I personally like a 4 inch barrel length for a good all around weapon, but your preferences might vary.

    As far as sites go, check and make sure you are comfortable with the ones that are on it, unless you plan on replacing them with iridescent sites. Not all, but a lot of people will change the site to something like Trijicon if they plan on carrying a good portion of the time.

    One thing you hit the nail on the head about is getting what you pay for. You have a few options here, go a bit cheaper and get a less expensive weapon. Save a bit more money and get something a bit nicer. Or you can go with the "used" route. Going used for a first time owner can be a good thing. For example you can save some money off of full retail to purchase things like sites or maybe a holster. When its all said and done you may have spent the same money, or maybe more, but you would have more to show for it.

    Hope this helps a bit, but if you have more questions.....feel free to "fire" away. :D

  11. GOANRA

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    Re: Torn between 1911's

    The Citadel 6 + 1 Round 45 ACP Compact w/3.5" Barrel/Blue Finish would be a decent entry level for the 1911 'all steel' compact version for about $480. They also make a 5 inch bbl 8+1 for about $485.

    About the best option in that price range would be a Rock Island Armory for about $405. with a 'mil-spec' version for around $425. both in .45acp.

    Personally I would choose the Springfields over the Taurus in the 1911 category.

    My favorite 'carry' 1911 is the Colt Defender, SS, 3.5 inch bbl, 22 oz, 7+1, with extremely accurate 3 dot sights; retail is about $950. new.
    If not for carry, than the Colt Government 5 inch bbl would be my pick.

    For 1911s I'd rate:
    1, Colt
    2. Sig
    3. Springfield
    4. Kimber & Taurus?. IMHO

    My favorite non-1911 in .45acp is still my Taurus Millineum Pro PT145 with 10+1 mags at about 21 oz. with a cost of around $370. They also make a nice single stack (PT745) 6+1 for extra concealment. (depending where you're at)
    They also make some great 9mms
    The Ruger 345 .45acp is worth a look, if you can find one.

    For any new sidearms (especially Taurus), field strip & clean the thing and then, clean it again.