Things are looking much better now

Discussion in 'Website Help' started by wacnstac, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Was able to recover my password and login.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    I would say the Site is "Looking-Much-Better-Now"!!

    At the end of last month, we updated the 'old posts' with 'New Replies & activity', and went from recruiting one member per day, and in only 17 days, we are averaging THREE new MEMBERS.... PER DAY !!

    Even at 3 new members per day... 3 x 365 = a LOT of NEW MEMBERS per year.
    But, I am confident we will surpass our current "3 Members a Day", and snowball into a very active site, AGAIN.

    HUGE CONGRATS to all our new MEMBERS for making this possible. Hopefully, we can make this the best GUN-SITE on the I-net.