Taurus 605 poly .357 Mag

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    Went online to find a bootgrip for my Charter Arms 'On Duty' .38 +P (13 oz revolver) for better conceal.
    Came across a Taurus 605 Poly .357 Mag snubbie with low profile hammer, fiber optic front sight, DA/SA, with 2 sets of grips (one set bootgrip) 19.75 oz., low profile cylinder release.

    Had a CA 'Pug' .357 Mag snubbie I used for on-duty plainclothes and off-duty carry, shot the bejessus out of it for 12 years before wearing it out (dept gave me unlimited free .357 Mag ammo).

    So, I got the Taurus 605 Poly .357 Mag after much research, (avoid pre 2012 models).
    I have some .38 +P snubbies in all metal, so will try this since Taurus has a Lifetime Warranty with a good rep.

    Took awhile, but found a few boxes of Cor-Bon 115 gr SJHP (lead tip) in .357 Mag... only round I wanted.
    It comes out at 454 ft-lbs energy! That is some awesome power for a sidearm.

    I'll be back with a range report.
    Here is pics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWIwVmgbWbI