Stolen Uzi, AK47, Spectre Pistol

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    Stolen Uzi, AK47, Spectre Pistol
    Flagler County Florida
    Reward Offered

    AK47 Rifle
    Serial #P4710611

    Mini Uzi Carbine
    Serial #MC01625

    HC Spectre Pistol
    Serial #B6944

    We have been searching for the kind Compassionate thief who took 3 of 10 guns. He could have taken them all but left the other 7 so that another thief would have something to steal also. He could have taken all 4 uzies but took only one. We have the thank you card all written out but don't know who to send it to. :x We want to find this person because we feel that we owe him a debt of gratitude, so do the police and the sheriff. The guns went missing from a trailer in the "Mondex" section of Flagler County Florida some time ago.

    The guns belong to a Florida relative. A police report is on file. All 3 weapons are registered in the NCIC Police database. Anyone with information on the location of these firearms is urged to call the police or sheriff immediately.

    We will appreciate any help that is given.

    Thank you for your time in this matter.