STI Pistols, am I missing something?

Discussion in 'Competition' started by NCCCCWteacher, Jul 7, 2009.

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    When I go to any practial pistol shoot I allways see STI pistols in the hands of "experianced" shooters. They can cost a lot of money, $3000 is normal and $5000 is what I have been told one "all-the-way" could cost. My question is this: Why do they allways malfunction? I allways see thim being cleared on during a course of fire. And then the guys allways are cleaning the mags after they shoot. AND I have heard guys talking about "tuning" them in. That much money for something that needs so much TLC???? WHAT?? My Glock cost me $550. No tuning, no cleaning between stages and it will eat/shoot anything(all ammo works in it) Even my 14 year old son said "thoes guns are too much trouble" So whats the deal? Am I just shooting with morons who don't know how to operate there equipment or are thoes pistols that hard to use? If they ARE that hard to use, why have one? I have never seen a stock Glock malfunction, ever. I know reloaded ammo probibaly plays a big part in the issue. So if "winning" means so much that they are willing to spend that much money on the gun, why not use factory ammo? At $14 a box for 40S&W thats $42 for 150 rounds and all of the clubs I shoot at are never more that that for the total round count. I teach people how to reload and know all about the cost. In this case it makes as much sence as putting a $49 scope on a thousand dollar rifle.
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    Certainly makes you wonder what they're thinking, doesn't it?