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    Feinstein? Are you kidding me? I tried to get the original crowd re-established here and was continually ignored by all administrations since the original crash. The requests for help in reaching the old groups came in frequently but were never followed up with the same promises or interest the requests came with. I'm not at all surprised to see the disinterest we're witnessing at this stage of the game and am surprised that those that kept wishing things might have been a bit better, didn't make a little bit more noise. I enjoyed the previous group we had very much and indeed we had quite a large, popular following! If memory serves me right, we were one of the most popular, highest hit & rated forums on the gun forum scene. We truly had the bull by the balls (horns) but we had an increasingly unpopular admin, let's just say AF, that decided to take the popularity and ran like hell! To hell with the thousands of fans, members and increasing supporters!!! Are you kidding me? The opportunities were almost endless and why were they squandered? You tell me! I guess my support for the old membership and efforts to help them continue to go the way of the Conservative Party. Trust me, it's not what I wanted but when you're in this position, complaining doesn't get you anything but shit canned. "AF" in my case turned out to be "Anti First" amendment. Don't let this happen to our beloved 1st or 2nd Amendment and US Constitution. Speak up for what you support before someone comes along and forgets what it means to you... God Bless America!

    Maybe that's why we've got a fanpage supported by Senator Feinstein...