Smith & Wesson Model 686 Reviews

Discussion in 'Revolvers' started by coolwill07, Sep 23, 2009.

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    winenutz, a spring kit from Wolff gunsprings will make an amazing difference in the feel of the trigger, both single and double action. If you don't know the secrets of successfully taking a Smith apart and getting it back together, don't try it, but get a gunsmith to put a slight bend in the hammerspring, then put a reduced power rebound spring in. It's like a new gun. It's inexpensive and effective.
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    ... S&Ws' M586- my main gun.

    The mate to my Ppk...

    Finally replaced the cylinder...lesson learned-

    no more than 3/32nd" for chamfering the chambers.

    I'm gonna keep 'em @ 1/32nd"...

    Just remove a few burrs...

    Two more improvements and she'll be set:

    Three in truth,

    Mepro sights.

    Crimson Trace laser grips...

    plus a cashmere lined sling holster.

    For me... the perfect revolver...

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    SittingMoose, no argument here. The 686/586 IMO, rates "excellent" in all categories, except capacity. Years ago, when many thought the revolver was a dying breed, the 686 keeps going strong. A great range gun. Even my wife enjoys shooting my 686s (with med. velocity magnum loads) -- for the accuracy and the power "rush". Just can't bring myself to sell them.
  4. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

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    ... when I first bought my 586 w/the 8&3/8" bbl and the great 4-position elevation front sight- she was to be dedicated to hunting/target shootin'...

    Then came 9-11.

    Her 'mission' changed that instant.

    Anything can and may happen here in the USA now.

    Added to this- the Swiss-Cheese Border of the DeMarxO'cratZies' Party... That S&W M586 has become my main sidearm... My Ppk my stalwart back-up...

    Since I've always had this fascination w/all things mechanical from the 1890's(+-) industrial revolution era... I decided to maximise the carry-usefulness of the 586 from it's initial 'boxed' modern configuration to a piece that would facilitate a relative quick-draw from a shoulder rig/sling or from simply in-the-drawers behind the buckle.

    No 'corners' or snagging points... and also looking a bit


    One new cylinder and a lot of sanding, careful fine-filing and polishing later... I believe I have succeeded.

    That 586 looks like she was machined back in 1893...

    Just a bit more polishing and some fine etching w/acid

    should do it.

    She really looks good! 'Holstered n' able'- Leathered through the 'years.'

    ... My next project is to cut n' whittle a wood 'carbine' fore-end & stock she'll just slip n' lock into- not forgetting to fabricate an unobtrusive flash deflector for the gap 'tween the cylinder & forcing cone...

    Think I'll use brass hardware... not decided on the wood yet...

    I mean... this 586/686 design is just friggin' timeless...

    Like Winchesters' & Marlins' levers or the DC-3 and the B-52... Colts' 45 auto or Colemans' gas-stove & lamp!

    It just works!
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    I have to tell you guys, the Smith 686 (+ in my case) never ceases to amaze me. It's rockin' in the pistol league I'm in right now, and has won it outright in the past. BUT, here's the kicker: I teach NRA basic pistol classes. In every class, I let the students shoot most of what I have. That includes Beretta's, Walther's, Dan Wesson 1911's, Smith 3916NL, and a Hammerli target pistol.

    WITHOUT EXCEPTION, every single student has favored the 686. Some had never even considered a wheel-gun, but this revolver really opened their eyes. As it did mine. Oh, they all wanted to shoot the semi-autos, but in the end, they ALL wanted to shoot the Smith 686 again.

    BTW, not a single person has refused to shoot it because it has an integral lock. Go Figure!
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    I was never that big on guns growing up. I liked them and respected them but never cared to own one. Well, i went to the gun range about 8 months ago with a friend and I was hooked. After shooting several different types of guns at the range, I new the 686 was going to be the first gun I owned. It's simple design and accuaracy makes even the most novice of shooters look good. It's a little heavy, but that's a good thing when shooting the magnums through it. Which is a lot of fun. It's a great gun and I couldn't be happier with it.
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    SittingMoose.....BRAVO.....I like the way you think. Not content with leaving "good enough" alone! Your customization process is most excellent!

    Most everything I acquire seems to need some tweaking in order to make it better.....Every time I come home with something new, it's not long before I start "fixing" it. The GF always rolls her eyes and asks, "Why are you messing with it?"

    We know.....

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    Own several guns, but my S&W .357 686-6 is my favorite! It has deleivered everything and more I have ever asked- and would encourage anyone considering one to buy it! :)
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    I am gonna buy this revolver-heh I always look around and negotiate a bit when buying-whay did u all pay for yours?
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    I have a 686+ Talo edition 5 inch brl un-fluted cylinder, best looking gun I have ever seen & it shoots great..
  11. Rivers2k

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    SYORK I agree the Talo 5 inch is a beauty. I was druling over the ssr for a while now I think I want to go with the Talo. I am worrying about buying because it seems like every year they are coming out with something purtier than the previouse year. I guess they are following apples marketing.
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    Yea, I saw a 4 inch with the american flag lazer etched on the side, almost bought that, but went with 5 inch. Have now changed out the grips with rubber ones, not as nice looking but feels great in the hand.. cost= $800
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    I just acquired a 586 to be a playmate with my 686. Haven't got to shoot it yet, but it feels real good in the hand!!
  14. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

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    ...well, finally Spring is here. Every thing's holdin' the line and Gunny's doin' just fine- still can't jump- however he can run like hell! Had 'im out in th' heavy brush w/o any problems... So I'm off to the barn and it's time to try 'n' haul out the forge and anvil.

    My intent is to take the old cylinder from the 586(damaged during chamfering/engraving) and mate it up with some tool-steel and begin the (unfortunately painful)process of creating a sister-piece for the 586. It will be a pattern-welded, (mostly)Bowie knife, blade.

    Not sure yet on what the handle will be made of.

    Gotta do some math on the total weight(before) of metal to final design & size... Looks good on paper... Probably take all Summer... so what?... I've 3 other blades to finish.

    Keeps a disabled guy really busy...especially when I have 3 wooden chests(2'x3&1/2') full of old, used-up or busted, scrap hardened-steel air-hammer chisels, spades and wotnots from by-gone days of machines and mills... No. Nothing is of antique value- they are well-used and were on their way to the junk-yard.

    Would love to get ahold of a 25#er power-hammer.

    Say-yy, something like a "Little Giant"...

    and a 1 or 2 burner gas forge... Ideally, of course.

    However, I'll use what I got.

    This'll be probably be the only 'big' blade I'll knock out...

    Hammerin' hurts like hell for days!!...

    Yet, making a smaller camp/hunting knife is much more tolerable...

    Jeeze! Why didn't I come upon this forge set earlier in life!?! Who knows?... Still it's something quite fun and interesting to do- It's in th' blood- since my granddad(an illegal alien from Canada cir.1907- took the ferry across the Niagara to Buffalo...went to Bethlehem Steel in Lackawanna(where I entered this world) became a Master Machinist and eventually Hot Mill Top Foreman...'twas a GREAT time for employment with meaning... and retirement. An era- God I remember- as a kid- the factories, the immense rail-yards...when steam was still in yard & road use... Memories! Woke up, dressed, got gun and tag...walked to South Buffalo city-line & went huntin'! T'wern't any suburbs then; Just city, farms and hunting. Hot damm! I love living in the country!! Oh, well... Maybe the inventors and investors will re-appear and bring up a rebirth of American industry in the ultra-modern America...

    However... in the meantime; I'm stickin' to my hammer 'n' anvil... hot steel is almost mystical.
  15. PhantomII

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    Waxing poetic about the 'glory days of America'?

    I remember those days too, days when seeing a kid walking through town with a rifle or a shotgun didn't get everyone's panties in a wad. Days that you could take your favorite .22 rifle to school to be taken apart and refinish the stock. Those were days that we thought we were 'slaves' because we had to mow the lawns...

    What we didn't realize were those were the days of freedom, the most freedom that we would know in our lifetimes.

    Like you, I love living in the country (Rural Missouri) where we still have some freedom. Local government is tolerable and the state leaves you alone.

    Love the fact that though I am disability-retired, I can go across the creek (when it ain't flooding in the Spring) and use my own firing range.

    Yep, you sure brought back some memories of good days gone by...

    Keep Hammerin'!
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    I have never owned a Smith, but this one has my attention..

    I sometimes go walking in places where I might encounter Yogi the bear, and I like the fact for home I could use the 38 special...

    Now yes as my user name would imply I am a huge fan of Ruger, but the SP101 only has 5 rounds and the Gp is just to big... I just like the fact that I would have the extra two rounds if needed and the Smith and Wesson 686 is a prooven piece.

    I guess I could change my name to smith&ruger
  17. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

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    ...gunny got a woodchuck...gunny-yy got a woodychuck.

    Got th' bugger way-yy-yy underground. I was layin' in my yard down by th' crik(creek) and he went tearin' off after this hapless chuck...and went down right after the big rodent- Frightened me at first, cause he ain't 100%... Yet, it was way-yy cool! All I could see were his beady little eyes down in this hollow under this big ol' willow... Then he started diggin' like he was a BobCat back hoe in the bottom of a mine shaft... And down, down he went... A very distant, muffled 'rumble' was all I could hear... He came out- A victor!! Scared the hell outta me for a while- I was carryin' my PPk... And I wondered if & how I'd have to dig 'im out... Dachshunds are strange hunters...

    An-nnd to my 586- She has this gem-like luster now. I'v been polishing this gun by hand for almost... ...4+ or so years... usin' a special polishing cloth I made... totally saturated w/oil(s), gun grease, 1,200 grit from sand paper, xxfine jewelers rouge, green-stick polishing comp and linseed oil- Used it for years before as a blotter under a bottle of the stuff... Y'ih can tell this gun's made from fine steel- when the crystal-structure of the metal takes on such an even luster... Looks like a gun made during the turn of the last century... Just like I had wanted. 1 of a kind!
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    Hey, SittingMoose......GLAD to hear Gunny is almost as good as new! Good for him.

    Sounds like you're staying busy!

    And....ruger9315, I don't think you can go wrong with a 686. Smith/Ruger does kinda have a nice ring to it

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    Once again, the 686 reigns supreme. My Sister-in-law was out to Colorado recently. She'd never shot anything. She shot most of my guns, and she liked the 686, and the Ruger Single-Six. Good for her, she's an old-school kinda gal. She liked the revolvers. The Beretta and the Glocks were fun, but she always went back to the wheel-guns. Mind you, she loved the Marlin lever action rifle, too, but in her soul, she needed the wheel-gun. I love that Gal!
  20. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

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    ...make this, "comment '100'!" Smithys' iconic 586/686 is Topps! Bar none!!