Smith & Wesson M&P 15

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    I have a Smith & Wesson M&P 15X on order, and I just can't wait for it to show up. Almost all of my little "goodies" for it are already here. From what I have seen around, these M&P 15 series seem to be pretty well built.

    If anyone has some first hand knowledge/experience with one, let me know what you thought of it...

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    I got a Colt M4 and a Bush A2 and they are great. I've shot a some friends' M&P15s on several occassions and it is a solid AR. Nothing 2nd rate about the M&P. No surprise to me since the owners are ex-operators and very knowledgable.
    I'd have no problem comparing it to my Colt, a common standard.
    The M&P15 is highly regarded in the AR community. Much will depend on the use you set it up for, CQB, long range, sniping, etc.
    Funny, CQB is out to 300 yards. Going with an optic? I like the EoTechs myself, but the better Aimpoints are favored by many. A flashligh is necessary if its for HD use and a laser is just plain cool; I got a 1000 yard green laser on an offset clamp with remote switch.
    Many think it is best to get very used to the BUIS and take your time on choosing an optic, if ever.
    Fast target acqusition is a high priority, to me, so I have a 2x6x40 that is continually on & off.

    20 & 30 round mags are around at reasonable prices with USGI running a little higher.
    Pmags (all I use) are far between and the company says they are about 1 million behind in production.
    30 round Thermolds are $35. per pair & in stock at

    Ammo can be found at decent prices when bought in bulk. (I usually run a box through to see how/if it performs in a particular firearm, before buying a case). What works in one AR may differ in someone else's identical model.
    I posted some of my best sources in the ammo section. (the only brand I've heard repeatedly to avoid is Remington's UMC, but it works great in my .45s??)
    Big Congrats on getting a great AR.