Smith & Wesson 627 Reviews

Discussion in 'Revolvers' started by txbdyguard, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. txbdyguard

    txbdyguard Member

    Best revolver I have ever owned.

    Lew Horton special

    Un-fluted cylinder

    5.5" barrel with underlug

    6 shot

  2. BudWoods

    BudWoods Member

    What a nice machine this is! I have both the 6" & 5" editions - both were Performance Center jobs I got great deals on - 6" new, 5" used. These became my primary revolvers for pin shoots and other action shoots in the revolver category. I've always been dubious of using moon clips but haven't had a problem with them. Accurate, great triggers, strong [they haven't shot loose - ala the pre 1990 S&W's]. I just shoot 'em & clean 'em.
  3. Firewire

    Firewire New Member

    I have the 2 5/8" barrel. Absolutely the best revolver I have owned. I can't believe the accuracy. Maybe it is due to the weight, but I always out shoot any of my semi-automatic pistols and is equal to my 1911 9mm Springfield Loaded. The 2 5/8" has been called the UDR "Ultimate Defense Revolver". I would recommend this with zero hesitations. I am not much of a revolver guy simply because of cleaning of all things, but this one is one to get and never let go of (specifically in the 2 5/8").