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Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by nucofed, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. nucofed

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    Any experience with this light weight Smith and Wesson 4" 44 MAG? Looking to carry for hiking solo in bear/cougar and wolf country. Any other caliber suggestions? Weight and size an issue

  2. pastorfarley

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    If size and weight are issues then you might want to consider a .357 Magnum. Smaller frame and lighter weight, with lighter ammo. Should be enough for wolves and cougars, a little light for bear, but then so is a .44 if it is a big one! If you can find a .41 magnum that would be a good compromise, assuming you can find a reliable ammo supply. I do not mean to be offensive, but many people cannot shoot a 4" .44 well due to recoil and muzzle blast issues. Make sure you can shoot the pistol you choose well, otherwise it is just a noisemaker and most any caliber will do:)

    As for Smith & Wesson - my experience has been full satisfaction - accurate and reliable, with a ready supply of aftermarket grips, speedloaders etc.

  3. neverenough

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    Hey, nucofed.....If you haven't yet, skip up to the "Trail Gun" thread.....

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    The 41 magnum! I do not know why the 41 mag. is where it's at today, but it would be a great gun for everything! The 41 mag is the forgotten caliber. I have no idea why this caliber has failed. In 1980, it was the best all round pistol. Imagine: It hits harder than your .357 but has more control than a .44 magnum. To me the 41 mag is one of those anomaly's that never took off. I do9n't knoe why, if you can shoot a .357 a .41 mag should be no problem.
  5. pastorfarley

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    Will, I agree. I think the lack of a .41 "special" hurts it with .357 shooters who like to use the light stuff for practice. Not many .44 owners I have heard of shoot .44 Special, and they want the full house so .41 is not for them.

    The lack of .40 cal until recently is an anomaly, as is the lack of a .429 ACP. It would seem to have been a more logical choice than 40 in many ways, but then Colt started it with a nice even 10mm.