SKS Carbine (multiple variants) Reviews

Discussion in 'Rifles' started by jdeangelis99, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. jdeangelis99

    jdeangelis99 Well-Known Member

    My friend I think had this in semi auto.. IT was really accurate
  2. dvsilverwing

    dvsilverwing New Member

    jdangelis, they only sell it in semi auto dont they?

  3. Ky-Glockman

    Ky-Glockman Well-Known Member

    Very nice rifle, I love mine. You wont be sorry with this purchase!!
  4. bcaff05

    bcaff05 New Member

    The SKS is a semi-auto rifle. Here in Indiana I find the Yugoslavian 59/66 (It has a unique muzzle mounted grenade launcher, ladder sight and gas valve to accommodate grenade launching) for about $150, in very good condition. They are great starter guns if you are interested in military arms or just firearms in general. The only thing to look for is corrosion (lots of mil-surp 7.62x39 ammo is corrosive) and in the case of a Yugo, the condition of the gas valve. I personally had to replace the gas valve in my Yugo, so that it would cycle properly, the original valve was worn and did not provide a proper seal, a new machined valve from eBay did the trick.
  5. harleyranger

    harleyranger Active Member

    hasn't every one at one time in thier life had one of these things,, i got mine on the tail end of theya can still buy them cheap thing all i know is its a modified paratroopers model short carbine takes ak clips and has a longer thumbhole stock i mounted a scope on it wasn't worth the powder to blow it up lol the iron sights work just fine and lets face it these things are as reliable as a brick nuff said
  6. louismacote

    louismacote Well-Known Member

    I have owned three, and sold two. These are excellent deer, and black bear hunting carbines for 100m and under. More accurate than the AK47 by far, but the out dated 10rd capacity rules it out as an option for a combat weapon on par with modern carbines. Detachable mags have been found unreliable at best under adverse conditions. All in all, I really enjoy shooting this rifle, and know it is gonna go bang every single time. I now only own a russian model (I think the best), and will never get rid of it.
  7. agonist

    agonist Well-Known Member

    This rating is relative to price. I found an older Chinese model in very good condition for $150 with a 30rd mag. It's perceived recoil is in the same neighborhood as a M1 carbine but with way more power. The first time I fired it I pounded an 8in. concrete plate at 100yds. standing with the iron sights with very little effort.

    Very accurate, very durable, very easy to shoot, very cheap to shoot (20rds for $5 steel cases) and very reliable. My only negative is that the mags are difficult to replace quickly. I intend to purchase some newer composite mags as I hear they change easier.

    IN my opinion this is the best centerfire repeater available for under $200.
  8. sidewinder

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    Everbody should own one -- But MSRP $250??

    I paid $90 for my two Russian SKS's and only $140 for my Chinese Paratrooper (Shorter) Version

    I just saw some in Big-5 for $179 complete with bayonets
  9. dood

    dood Member

    I bought my Chinese Type 56 SKS back in the early '90s for $120.00. It is a Norinco new in-box commercial manufacture version with a 20" barrel. It came with the spike bayonet, cleaning kit, canvas sling, and standard 10-round swing away magazine.

    It's beautiful for an SKS. I refinished the wood stock a long time ago to a dark brown because I couldn't stand the yellow finish it came with. I also added the 1" rubber butt stock extender so it would fit me better.

    This was my 1st firearm as an adult. It is dead stone reliable. Never a jam. Once it double fired hundreds of rounds ago, but that problem has yet to return.

    I was quite naive when I bought it, not even knowing what an SKS was since they were being imported with the name "Cowboy Companion" back then.
  10. motorbike

    motorbike New Member

    ive had my sks since 1995. bought it new for believe it or not $75.00 and its went through alot of cosmetic changes since ive had it. i replaced the 10 round fixed mag with a detachable and after buying 6 clips and having problems with all of them i went back to the fixed 10 round. this is a gun everyone should own. ammo is cheap and with open sights it hits target everytime. very dependable and honestly my favorite of all my guns. if u dont own one you should go buy one you will love it
  11. MagnumAl

    MagnumAl Well-Known Member

    I have a Yugo. Its great. Open sights hit the gongs easily. I very recently mounted a scope on it, i can pick the spot on the paper to hit. 200...i am all over the paper. Prefer my AK b/c its more fun and larger capacity. But the wood on the SKS is beautiful, I refinished it with Walnut stain and a dozen layers of tung oil....
  12. beetlemaster07

    beetlemaster07 Well-Known Member

    I've had two Norinco models and one Yugo model, both Norincos were stock and were very accurate at about 50 yards or so and the Yugo model had a dragunov fiberforce stock on it. I think the Yugo model was actually a bit more accurate but looked really strange with the large muzzle tip and the barrel needed to be cleaned more after firing. They all were more than reliable and that counts.
  13. kep4321

    kep4321 Well-Known Member

    I am interested in an SKS. What should I look for? Any brand preferences or features that are more desireable than others? I plan to use it for target shooting (50 to 100 yards) and maybe shooting a deer if I were to put a scope on it at some point.
  14. conan1

    conan1 New Member

    I got my Chinese Type 56 back in 1990 new from a neighbor trading him 40 fence posts for it. Put a scope mount and round deflector on it to keep the scope from getting dinged up. Have a 5, 10, and 30 rd mag. Shoots great.
  15. beetlemaster07

    beetlemaster07 Well-Known Member

    I can remember when we bought two of these from Roses back in the early 90's for no more than 100 dollars. They were in perfect condition still packed in the cosmoline, now the chinese models will run someone about 300 and up if they are not banged all up and abused. I bought a used one from a gun shop a few years ago for 125 bucks and it had many parts replaced and it looked worn but it still shot a very tight group without a scope and I was very impressed with it. I just wish the chinese models were more easy to come by but I guess this is just a sign of the times as rifles like these become even more scarce.
  16. beetlemaster07

    beetlemaster07 Well-Known Member

    I bought my yugo sks for 160 a while back. It's been the cheapest gun I've bought and one of my favorites. It's a good gun to take to the desert, get dirty, and thousands of rounds later not a single malfunction. As can be expected from an sks the accuracy is not the best, but I can get on paper well past 100 yards. The best part is I think they do best stock and I think they are actually for the most part better without the after market parts. I like the wood stock it came with, the scope mounts I've seen tend to be less accurate than stock sights, and the after market detachable magazines tend to not feed as reliably as the little stock 10 round one. Basically the perfect bad weather gun. Mine has been indestructible, cheap, reliable, and fun to shoot. It is my least accurate, cheapest, and probably most used gun in my collection.
  17. truth

    truth New Member

    i miss mine looking 4 another one to buy
  18. mellonhead

    mellonhead New Member

    i have a yugo sks and i love it...however its the heaviest variant and the barrel isnt chrome lined which makes a bit more accurate than others but the best part is that all parts are interchangable with russian models and the receiver is milled ...far better than the cheap norinco models and alot tougher just be picky on the 30 round mags some work some dont just remember short lines on the side of the mags work not long lines
  19. funkymunky

    funkymunky New Member

    My brother has just recently bought a SKS. For some reason we are unable to load the clip into the gun without having to pull the bolt back. If anyone has had a problem such as this or knows the problem, please let me know.