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Discussion in 'Website Help' started by 1ofEA, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Ok, here's a request...I've been away from the site since about 2010 due to problems accessing, etc. What's the history of this site? What happened when it went down? What is the chronology of all that happened? I see some posts about technical problems and management problems but I'm not sure what's the real story.

    Looking to be active again,
    One of Each (caliber)

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    The site seemed to have distracted or uninterested management when I joined.
    This causd many problems and unnecessary frustration. Members did not like the constant tension and the Moderators ran out of excuses.
    Members left.
    Site went down gradually.
    Last October, (a few months ago) this site got new management, fixed some issues, and lately a few members stumbled across it.
    Not much activity, but folks are now beginning to join and old members are showing up again.

    We are now trying to revive the site permanently as it is showing a LOT to offer.