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Discussion in 'Training' started by louismacote, Nov 11, 2007.

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    The best self defense handgun for any person, woman or not, is one with a reliable action, defense capable round (9mm HP +P minimum in my OPINION). I know many women who can shoot magnum and large caliber rounds. It is a matter for experimentation. For weak hands however; you may want to stick to a full size frame for a 38spc and load with +P HP for defense. Another good option if you can afford it is a 1911 9mm. An excellent addon for those who practice less often, is a laser/light on a rail. Big difference.
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    For a Simple Answer you gave many options. I agree it should be Reliable, but beyond that Everyone has their own opinion, and none is either right or wrong. A 22SR hit in the right place will take a person down, not that I would recommend one!

    But I am sure if each Member here listed what they think is best, almost every Gun would be mentioned in almost every Cal. 25 Cal. & up. It is all just a matter of personal preference. This is why so many different Defensive Guns are made in so many Cals.

    I don't think there can be THE 1 PERFECT Gun for Everyone. If there was, only 1 Gun/1Cal. would be made.

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    good point olehoot the best defense weapon for anyone is the one that they can shoot accurately and consistantly case in point myself and my wife fo me i like my sig sp2022 .40 my wife cannot even get her hands arround the grip that is why she has a S&W model 442 DAO .38. a large caliber is not always required unless you have a serious shithead whos primary goal is to do you harm just the fact that you have a gun will probably scare him off.

    as for the caliber ... i would not recomend 9mm to anyone . i know that alot of people love it but as the military has discovered it is not a good man stopper it just does not transfer enough energy.unless you hit a vital organ it just goes in and out . i stick with the proven stoppers .38, .357, .40 and .45acp. if it aint broke don't fix it
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    when it comes to guns size doesnt always matter but personally i wont go smaller than .40 for home/self defense. sure, a .22 to the melon at close range will drop anyone but that requires steady nerves and good aim, two things u might not have when the shit goes down. one heavy caliber shot to the center mass, on the other hand, requires less effort and is more likely to drop the offender or at least slow them down enuff to allow for follow up shots

    i agree with olehoot on this one, there is no one perfect gun or caliber, so pick what works for u. as far as im concerned leave the .22s for james bond and the 9s for the gangbangers. the bigger the bullet the bigger the hole and the better ur chances.

    but then again thats just my opinion and im no expert. lets hope none of us ever have to prove ourselves right or wrong
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    Lately, I carry a Seecamp .32, loaded with 60gr. Speer Gold Dots and one extra magazine. That gives me 13 rounds. But I feel if I'm going to need that second magazine, I'm probably in shit up to my knee caps and would be wishing I had my Glock instead! But the truth of the matter is, I always have my Seecamp in my pocket, ALWAYS! It doesn't leave my pocket except for cleaning, change of clothes and practice. I can't do that with my 1911 or Glock nearly as easy. I've become a firm believer in the best gun is the one you actually have with you when the SHTF...